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RTM advice

Hello all
I have another 5 weeks on LLL then I was going to go into RTM, the only thing is I could only do first session as off to India for holiday 5 days after for 3 weeks, so seems a bit pointless in only doing one session.
I would love to ask how to do RTM and how much and what foods to have. However I don't want to appear that I am trying to get advice on the cheap, but I can't think of a solution other than to take some shop bought shakes with me and stick to a low carb diet in the evenings.
Wonder what advice you guys could give me.
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Playing the Angel
Sue, my personal advice, is attend your first RTM class, get the packs you need and the books etc, go on holiday and carry on as per the RTM plan. RTM is really the most essential part of this all, it cements the lessons and teaches us how to live as sucessful weight maintainers. Holidays can be done on RTM, I started RTM on holiday 9 days ago and it was fine. I know you are doing LLL as opposed full abstinence so your RTM will probably be shorter and less extreme, so perhaps chat to those in the LLL forum, I know Sukie Sue did Lite and Maintenance on that. Perhaps she could help? However, this is a very important phase so I would really recommend doing it. Otherwise the whole thing is a bit pointless really.

Good Luck whatever your decision is.


thanks I will.
Hey there

I didn't do LL but Cambridge and I was just moving up through the plans when I too went to India for a couple of weeks. The diet over there is fairly healthy especially if you avoid all the breads and stick to plain rice with fish and chicken. I actually managed to lose 7lbs - most importantly have a great holiday!



Is back in the saddle!
You really, really have to do the RTM. You need to re introduce the foods to your system without panicing it and making it store things again!!

You could start RTM a week earlier, it's not set in stone, to give yourself a bit more of an RTM start, but that would be up to you near the date of course. And you will have (should have) all the info from your first week into it anyway, if not the week before that so you can read up on it.

First week you will have 3 packs and add some extra food sorts including some fruit. Second week you will be down to 2 packs, 2 meals with new additions and a snack. Week 3, 1 pack, 3 meals and snack and week 4 is the same with some extras on top. All the extras through the RTM are added every other day or so as you go through the weeks so you can adjust and be aware of any triggers.

You really should be fine especially in a country that has such a high vegetable diet.

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