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RTM kitchen bits...


Happily pro pointing!
Hi Petey

I will try and think but might have to add stuff later.

A steamer of some kind is a good idea, it is a great way to cook food. I do have an electric tefal steamer which I have had for several years and totally love it, I use it all the time. You can do a whole meal in it.
Potatoes in the bottom, salmon in the middle and veg on the top. Also it catches water in a tray that drips from the food so you can use that to add to gravies and sauces.
It is this one Hanna and Browne-Kitchen Appliances-Steamers-Tefal 3 Tier Aquatimer White Steamer.
They baskets stack on top of each other for cooking, and then they sit inside each other for storage, so it doesn't take up too much room.
I would highly recommend it if you want one like this.
However you don't need to buy something like that, you can get steamer saucepans like this Fix and Mend
or just a steamer insert that will go in your existing saucepan like this one SKK Tri-Ply Steamer Insert () - Armorica Online Cookshop - cookware, kitchenware, and kitchen equipment
that one looks a bit expensive, I got my sister one of these for about £3 in tesco.

If you you don't have one already, a blender of some kind for making soups and other things like houmous, or smoothies.

You are encouraged to use a lot of herbs and spices to flavour food (especially instead of salt). You might want to start stocking up on those. I used to use them quite a bit, but now use them a lot. You can have them from day 3.


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Brilliant - thanks AliB!

Have my final abstinence meeting on Tuesday night and then I plan to go out and get stocked up on all the bits and bobs I will need.

Definitely going to invest in one of those steamer thingies, a friend of mine uses one all the time and is forever raving about it.

I bought a new fridge freezer about a month ago, and up til now, only had bottled water and an ice cube tray in the whole thing!!

As for the herbs I cant wait! Will be really bizarre having all those new tastes again.
I'm not on LL, did CD but I found a good set of electronic scales was a must when working through the plans.

Good luck with RTM.



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Good luck on RtM Petey - let us know what it's like - hoping to be going on it myself in 6 weeks :)
Will do fella.

Just been and bought myself a steamer, and some skinless chicken and turkey breasts and also some Quorn pieces in preparation for Week 1 of RTM which I start on Tuesday.

Felt so odd putting food in my trolley. Actually felt guilty!!!
I felt that way too Petey. Hope your first week is fab. I actually cried when I ate my first bite of food as it tasted so amazing! But then I am a girl...
I made sure I had a really accurate set of digital scales but apart from that haven't reall purchased anything special. I'm now thinking about a steamer though - hmm
Best of luck,
i start RTM in 5 days, so far i have bought a steamer and some electric scales, i cant wait to start. i have already decided that i am going to have a salmon steak for my first meal. yum yum (sometimes 5 days seems like such a long time to wait)

just remembered i have also ordered a new set of saucepans etc the tefal compact series.

ummm also a brand new kitchen :D
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Happily pro pointing!
salmon is beautiful, I have it at least once a week now.
I have a couple of nice recipes, but they are for later weeks, will dig them out and post them at some point.
that would be great alibongo,
i am soooo looking forward to eat as i have been coveting food that others have been eating this last week. Im sure its psychological cause i know im very near the point where i can eat :D


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Have already decided that day 1 on RtM will be peppered smoked kippers, day 2 will be salmon, day 3 will probably be chicken, but could be kippers again - I just love kippers.

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