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Rubbish first week!!!!

Hi guys!

Just in need of some friendly support! Have joined SW this week and have got about 3 stones to lose but I have joined during my star week and am wanting to eat EVERYTHING in sight!!! I am telling myself that this is ok as it is my first star week in 5 months (yes folks you read right...its been 5 months...I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS!), and that it will sonn pass but I am soooooooooooo fed up with myself for slipping off the plan during my first week!! Also I really want to try for a baby soon and need to lose the weight in the hope it will kick start my cycles prior to potentially having to start fertility treatment so its not even like I don't have a damn good reason to stick to the plan! Anyway, Will pick myself up again and start from scratch tomorrow but just wanted a whinge :) :sigh:
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chin up

chin up hun we all have down weeks. I have started a thread for a march challenge and believe it or not got weighed today and put on half lb lol:D:D:mad:!!! Just dust yourself down and start again. Good luck.
Cheer up Topper! put this down to a mini blip - I have plenty of those:rolleyes: What helps me is reading the posts on here and reading through back copies of SW magazines. Also if you feel like picking all the time make sure you have a stock of low fat noodles, pasta n sauces or make a SW quiche. I tell you what also feels like you are having something naughty is when you freeze grapes, they are really nice!

Take care!
I think that sometimes when we start a new plan our PSS <personal sabbotage systems> Kick in over time.... It;s like the body goes into panic saying... "you think you can do this? like hell you can"

You now have to say.. Ok,it hasn't been a good week.. but what the hell nothing you can do about it now.... Move forward <my fave saying> don't look back and follow tha plan as near as you can until WI....

You can do it.... and what a fab reason to want to lose weight!

Anne x
hi topper dont feel bad just put it down to a bad day and forget and start again i know its hard when ur on ur star week but at least u have on (i have pcos too) as most women with it dont and just think how much better ull feel when uve lost the weight. thats all i do when im having a bad day chin up hun xx
Hey dont worry babes, draw a line, you know what you have done wrong so start a fresh.
Good luck and chin up
You've had some fab advice on this thread. I had a huge blip this week too and its only my 3rd week! My body was definitely rebelling against the plan.

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