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Ruined it

Gutted to say ive had a terrible weekend eating wise.

Saturday went to MCS's for breakfast had bagel with egg and 1/2 hash brown.

Afternoon had some crisps.

Evening went to a fancy dress party drank vodka all night the posh buffet was lovely and could have been free if i choose it to be as there was rice and salad but i had potatoes in mayo and bread with the salad and rice plus qeuish.(sp)

Sunday the worst hangover ever, had toast and crisps for breakfast then wend out for food had garlic mushrooms and mayo for starters then a cooked dinner, got home had a box of malteasers and then SW chips and mayo!!!

This morning im back on SW but dont know if ive blown it now.

I dont know if i should go to class on Wednesday? If fact i dont know if i should go again this year?

I really dont know if i should re-start in January or carry on going and dread to think how much weight im going to have put on. I feel gutted with myself as lost 10 and 1/2ld in the 5 weeks ive been going but now could have put it all back on. This Friday ive got another work meal then the following weekend im cooking a curry then the following weekend its christmas; mmmmmm what would you do?
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All I can say is draw a line under the weekend and get back straight onto SW as you have done - I had a similar kind of weekend - have to say if you start to think about, and do actually miss class it's a slippery slope xxxx


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Whatever you do please don't give up!!! Don't give yourself an excuse not to stick to a diet anymore!!!

Look we all make mistakes, we are only humans but the difference between success and failure is never ever giving up.
As mentioned above, draw the line and start afresh.
You might STS this week but the sooner you back on track the lesser of the damage made.
Good luck with your journey xxx
I'm with you on this! I went and had a chinese last night and am hoping and praying that I will at least STS!! As the previous poster said, we're only human :) xx
Don't give up, just tell yourself that you had the weekend off and now you're back on track.

Make sure you go to WI because it's an incentive to stick to it. Even if you've put on then you know you can do something about it next week.

I've told my C that I want to maintain till after Christmas which she was fine with. She even offered to put me at a temporary maintain weight so I didn't have to pay for class. The fact that I'm going to class is stopping me from having any major blow outs :)
Stick with it! You can't giqve up now whern you've come so far and been so successful! We all have slip ups but like Devon Dumpling said, draw a line under it and get back on it. You'll feel better for it and if you have gained, just think, it would have been on top of the 10 1/2lbs you've lost already if you hadn't been so good until now!


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Listen to everyone's advice and go to class. The only thing that will happen if you don't is that you'll weigh more when and if you eventually decide to rejoin. ;)
thanks everyone, i might just give this week a miss, and carry on next week, i havent got a scales apart from my wii fit so think i will see how much i weigh wednesday before i make my mind up x
You must go to class. Part of trying to loose weight is being honest with yourself and not sweeping the days when we don't stick to it under the carpet. Whats done is done, just start afresh and move on, but face up to what has happend, take it on the chin and GO TO CLASS. These are exactly the times when you need it for the support and encouragement from others, we have all been there and know exactly what its like. Honestly, you will feel much better about yourself if you go, otherwise you may find it harder to get back on track with crimbo just round the corner, especially if you don't go back till new year. A lot of damage can be done between now and then hun. xx


running strictly on fat!
It's not time to give up hun. GO TO CLASSES - you'll feel much better after that. Bottom line is that we truly NEED this classes when feeling fragile and in need of support. Please whatever you do DO NOT GIVE UP! xxx
Ruined what? i learnt that diets don't work! after so many years being on most of them! the only thing which helped me was hypnosis...i went to Marisa Peer's seminar and in less than 3 months i got to the weight and size i wanted to be...do yourself a favour and don't blame yourself...it is not you...!
Just go! If you keep up with this 'I've ruined it' mental state then chances are you just might! If you're finding it hard to go to class this week after 2 days blow-out, just how hard will it be in three weeks after Xmas and New Year, not to mention the lead-up to christmas unsupported,


I'm the tortoise.
It's not the end of the world, but one thing I do know is that you must start again today/tomorrow as if it never happened, don't punish yourself by trying to pull back, just start again. And really, go to class >.<
I agree whole heartedly that diets don't work ... but SW isn't a diet, it's a healthy eating plan and it does work if you are willing to embrace this.
Totally agree, well put! :)
And do go to class, it will help you get back on track fo the rest of the week! x
It would be so easy not to go and face the music, we all know that but I agree with the others, as hard as it will be GO TO CLASS! Short term pain, long term gain (or loss in our case!)
PLEASE go to class.

How many times have people thought that 'they've blown it now', only to find that they have either STS or even had a small loss.

If you go to class, no-one will judge you. IF you have a gain, at least you will know where it has come from, and it wont be 10 1/2 lbs!!!!

If you don't go to class, with the 'I've ruined it' mentality, then you probably will. YOU will turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy. A 'ruined' weekend will turn into a ruined week. Will turn into a ruined fortnight. Will turn into a ruined month. Then after Christmas you will probably go 'Well I've probably done so much damage, I can't face going back now!!' and all your hard work will have been for nothing.

Whatever you choose to do, we will all support your choice. Even if you gain, we will still love you!!!!! I bet that at least one other person at your group has had a bad weekend and is looking forward to having someone else to commiserate with!!!!

My consultants most recent analogy was "If you have a bunch of flowers and one dies, you just throw out the flower, not the whole bunch. Just because you have had a bad meal or even a bad day, it doesn't mean you have to throw the whole week out." Just think how many flowers you still have in your vase!!! One meal=one flower. A bad weekend=6 bad flowers. Your bunch still has 15 flowers!!!!!!!


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Definitely go back to class. It's the easiest way to draw a line under the weekend. We moved over the weekend and we had 3 days of takeaways so I will have put on but it will give me this weeks starting point.

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