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Ruined :((


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It's not ruined hunni! Get that idea right out of your head straight away!

It's just one day, no big deal :) just make sure you stick to plan for the rest of the week...you can pull it back, no sweat xx
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What are the syns for what you've eaten? Can you use your syns weekly for this week & deduct the galaxy cookie crumble chocolate (sounds yummy:D)?

When you look at it like that it may not be all that bad.

I always have wine & chocs on a Saturday night & this week had 51 syns:p


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Ruined what???

The day? - probably
The week? - possibly
Your weight loss? - absolutely not! That is unless you use this as an excuse to give up


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I generally "Pig out" one night every week and still manage loss overall in the week. Just have to be a little angel for the rest of the week. Nothing is Ruined! =D x


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Definitely not ruined. Balance your syns out over the week to make up for the chocolate. How about blasting some exercise to counteract the syns. One night of chocolate will not ruin your weightloss. Remember SW is a plan for life, you weren't planning on never eating chocolate again were you? It's all about how you manage your treats, I like to have one night where I can splurge, so I do, I just make sure I'm good for the rest of the week and keep my exercise levels up.

Keep at it! xx


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As doing so well then iv ruined it tonight eating loads of galaxy cookie crumble chocolate!! I couldnt stop and ate a huge bar :(((((
You can borrow my kids if you want there is no way anyone could manage to eat a whole bar of galaxy chocolate with them around :p I bought a big bar of galaxy bubbles to break up and eat a tiny bit at a time and only managed to eat 4 squares in total since they kept nicking it :eek: but seriously it's done now you can't get it back or undo it, just take a deep breath and say ok I did it, it's gone and move on to the next day, maybe increase your super speed foods or reduce your syns for the rest of the week to help compensate. Good luck. Hugs Crystal xx


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Not ruined at all. Its done, its dusted, leave that in the past, draw a line and move on. We all have blips, so long as we make them just that 'blips' its fine :) I used to feel 'all ruined' 'no point' but now I just think 'I'm only human, we all do, draw a line and move on' this way I continue to lose weight no matter how slow :D

You can do it!


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My consultant has been talking A LOT about holidays at the mo (for obvious reasons) and she always gives 3 options: follow plan 100%, make wise choices and enjoy your hols or completely come off plan.
She points out that a complete week off plan can equal a 7lb gain and with her (and to be fair, I'm the same) she can easily put on a lb in a bad day.

The positive to this, however, is that she can also LOSE that lb a day when she really puts her mind to it. Basically, what I'm trying to say is that as easy it is to 'ruin' the days plan it is just as easy to counteract it the next day and still have a loss in the following week.
If it was the 119g bar there is 32.5 syns in it, you are allowed 105 syns a week so have 72.5 syns left after the bar (10 syns a day!)
All is not lost :):)

PS - I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Galaxy Cookie Crumble


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S: 15st8.0lb C: 15st8.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 37.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you so much for everyones kind words, i have bought chicken salad for lumch and im back on it!


Yay! Glad you're feeling much more positive about it all today.
I used to eat chocs to make me feel happier and it would work but now I feel miserable when I eat chocolate. Previously I would have agreed with the old 'chocolate better than sex' but not any more - chocolate = syns, sex = body magic. Hehe. :eek::p:rolleyes::cool::eek:


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Hey never mind, i tend to have a day or 2 a week where i sometimes go over my syns. I just reduce my syns for the rest of the week and still come out with a loss x
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I'm new at all this and week 2 gobbled down a roast and ALL the trimmings. I felt awful, defeated, guilty, down and sorry for myself. Spoke to my group and they put it all into perspective. Turned out, I was actually under my syn allowance for the week ... and lost a few lbs too. It's a blip, but no reason to throw the towel in.

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