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Running - Good/bad??

Hi ya,

Whats everyone opinion on running. I used to do this quite a lot and found it relaxing, plus my fitness shot up.

I would like to start this again but the only time I went to the gym I only lost 1lb!! :( However running is not really building muscle, just toning up.

Worried that if I start this again, my body will react badly and I will stop loosing weight.

Does anyone have any experience of this??

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Silver Member
Hi Sarah

its impossible to not loose weight. The week I started exercising (running/walking) I lost 1lb the two weeks after 6lbs each. So for the sake of one small week I would really not worry.



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Running can make you really lean unless you are a sprinter. Its good for toning up legs, bums and tums and is a great calorie burner.

Gym work is good to build muscle that in tun burns fat but muscle weighs a bit more than the fat so people can get disheartened.

aerobic exercise e.g. stepping, walking, swimming, jogging etc is good for your fat burning. Weight training is anaerobic so will not burn fat in itself.

Deb G

Silver Member
I ran (and carried on competing at my long distance riding) throughout LL when I felt like I had enough energy (don't force it if you don't) and now I am in RTM I have upped my distances and pace. If you have always run, then carry on when you feel able to - but don't start anything new now when your body is trying to cope on 500 cals a day. Good brisk walks are probably the best.

I find that after a day of exercise I am usually heavier the following couple of days, but then it drops off again on the third day - must be to do with water levels when exercising - so don't lose heart!

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