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rye/pumpernickel bread

I know 2oz of pumpernickel bread is allowed as a HEb in US/Canada, but it isnt on the UK healthy extra list, so not sure if ingredients are slightly different here in comparison to the UK varieties.

Here in Canada we can have cheerio's as a HEb, but it doesnt qualify in the UK, and if you compare the UK cheerios to our ones, you will see why as the nutritional information varies greatly. For instance the ones here in Canada have much more fibre and less sugar content etc
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brit mom if i join online will i get a plan more geared to canadian food.i don,t want all canadian i love the sw brit recipes
you will get some basic US/Canadian lists yes and access to the syns calculator, which will allow you work out syns in foods with free food allowances.

and don't forget they are releasing a US based site in the fall, which will have all the relevant information such as some free branded foods etc for members in this part of the world. :)

You really shouldnt need to worry or focus too much onbranded foods though, as the majority of free foods are fresh, generic and readily available ingredients, such as pastas, rice, fruit, veg, lean meats etc.

i was on ee for 1 week and lost nothing,so i think i will go on red days i am more in tune with hi protein diets.i do like my potatoes and bread,so if i am on red i can have say 2oz of wholewheat bread and 6oz of carbs eg potatoes,rice pasta my hea is 1oz of full fat cheese or 3 oz of ff cheese is that right.i have a 24hr trial of slimming world but want hubby to go through it with me so he does not keep asking me what he can eat lol:wave_cry::confused:
might be worth posting your food diary in the food diary section, that way people can advise you of any areas you might not be on plan.

for instance, the 1/3 superfree rule with your meals is important with Extra Easy, have you been doing that?

It is also common for some not to lose in the first week, while you adjust to the plan, so I would say give extra easy another week at least, but as suggested post your food diary, so people can offer you advice along the way.

good luck

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