S**t day


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ive come for confessional...

Day started off fine. Strawberry shake then mid morning snack. Afternoon comes round and my wee girl goes to her grandparents. As soon as shes out the door i start to binge. No reason or explanation just me being a pig. Anyways today was a write off. Tomorrow is a new day etc. Hope everyone else did better than me.

To everyone who sent wishes for my daughter, shes a lot better today thank god. May even get to sleep through tonight. Hurrah!
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I'm glad your daughter is alot better :) xxx
Just start again tomorrow - you say no reason for having a binge but your daughter was ill adn I know how stressful that can be - hey as long as you can get back on track and go forth thats all that can be expected of anyone... if you truley want to lose the weight, eventually you will with probably many many slips along the way cos life happens! xxxx


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Hey hun, I wouldn't feel guilty about it at all, but do try to work out why you binges. Boredom? Stess? Sadness?? And once you do that you can devise a technique to stay in control of your diet :0) keep going . P.s do as I say not as I'd do hehe xx