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Hi there, i have now lost 2st 8lbs. I have approx 10lbs left to lose.

Has anyone got to this stage and people are saying 'dont lose any more you will look too skinny' or trying to tell you you look great as yuo are ??

its a form of sabotage!

thing is that I am beginning to feel as if I do feel ok, and I must look ok, so maybe i will stop!

i dont want to though and I will carry on !
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yes! omg get it all the time ! I am quite rude now when people say things like this now.. I say its not how I look its how I feel and I still feel like I want to lose another stone.. now shut up! lol! However then the little demons in your head start going..your looking good..you can stop and I fight them no no no! lol!


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your right they are sabatours. But mine are also my feeders. "go on, one chocky wont do you any harm". but then when i'm big they are the same people that tell me i need to diet.
IMO these people are unhappy with themselves and just cant face their own demons so have to have a stab at ours !!!!
lol its not only just me then !

go on, a piece of this cake wont hurt surely....No i dont want some thankyou...

then i think they PITY me while they are sitting there scoffing the cake and looking at me quite happy with my water! awwww poor netty she cant have some cake....i dont want it love !
When people say to me don't lose anymore I go home strip naked and take a look in the mirror. That gives me the motivation to carry on. We all look better dressed but until I feel happy with myself naked I will NOT stop!!! x


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Use the "my doctor has told me I need to get my BMI to under 25" reason. Who can argue with that?

I got down to 16st 13 on LL, which by any stretch of the imagination is still enormous. And people were telling me then that I'd lost enough! Stupidly, I listened. Not this time!

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Only we oursleves can know how we feel. Clothes hide a lot :) I fell into this trap years ago when I first lost a lot of weight and started to gain as I relaxed due to all the compliments and peeps telling me to stop. I try and take them in my stride now, think of them as a bonus and carry on. It's hard tho. xxx

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