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Sabotaging myself


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Hi guys, just wanted to come on for a bit of a moan.

I lost 2.5lbs at WI last week, which I was thrilled about, but since then my self control appears to have gone AWOL!

I had so much bad stuff over the weekend, ignoring the syns and not writing anything down. I'm so worried I'm going to put everything I lost last week back on at WI this week and I'll be so disappointed if that's the case.

I can't complain though, I'll have brought it on myself!

I just feel a bit wretched today and a bit down. I've been on this journey for 10 weeks and I've lost more on SW than on any other "diet" so I know it works (however slowly) but I'm just struggling to get my head back into it.

I've started afresh today by making sure my HE's are measured and I've got a SW friendly lunch, and we're having steak and potatoes for tea so I know I'm not going to give in.

I'm not even tempted by "bad" foods, but just went a bit crazy this weekend!

Thanks for listening to my ranting!!
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One day at a time, one step at a time
I think we all have bad days. The thing is to get back on track today and just put it behind you. We are allowed to slip up occasionally ((hug)) Wouldn't be human if we didn't. Don't beat yourself up about it just forget it and carry on today you are doing so well


Wishing and hoping!
I have done this myself last week going through the self sabbatage mode because I was starting to feel 'comfortable' with losing weight each week. But now I had a MASSIVE blow out but I re-evaulating the reasons why I want to lose weight and also just focused on a small goal of pound a week which makes me more determined as now I can see behnd the trees :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Sometimes we just need to have a good binge to get us back on track Hun. It doesnt make us a failure, it just means that we are human.
Just limit the damage now and you will be fine.


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