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sad :(

I lost two stone with sw last year then I got diagnosed with candidiasis, it was causing severe bloating,depression and tiredness, plus many other awful symptoms then had to give up sw. All i could eat was meat veg, oatcakes and rice cakes. couldn't have dairy, sugar, sweetener wheat or yeast. After four months I gave up cos I felt so deprived so went back on sw now the bloating has returned. it was like being on sw without having any syns. Sorry for the long post, just feeling so sad and don't know what to do....
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is getting better at it
what are you eating now that you wernt then? maybe be we can sort out some alternatives for you. i havd to give up things with yeast in them as i have ibs but since doing sw it seems to be getting better as i have been having the easi yo yogurts
I'm having things like snack a jacks and the mullerlight yogs and ryvita minis, i guess that it's the flavouring that is the problem but the rice cakes i was having were so bland
yes that's right, been told it's an overgrowth that started about ten years ago, I'm supposed to starve it but I felt so deprived I ended up binging!


is getting better at it
when i was diagnosed with ibs it was to much yeast, so i had to stop eating things with yeast in them, ie the obvious bread, grapes mushrooms cheese marmite but that never seemed to make any difference so i stopped drinking pepsi max as well and my symptons seemed to get so much better that i can now eat the other stuff as long as i leave the pepsi and coke alone and not have to much. do you drink the fizzy stuff .

you will be surprised of the stuff that has yeast and yeast extract in it, dont eat to much sugary stuff as the yeast feeds of sugar. i have the pre bio yogurts now to help the stomach and if i am having a bad time i take prebio 7
hope this is some help


Trying again!!!
I had candida years ago and had to follow a strict diet for 6 months - I somehow managed to do it (I did give in a few times!!). The hardest thing was giving up my beloved wine and cheese! I also took probiotics and a tablet that is specifically for yeast overgrowth called Dida which I feel helped me immensely. You can research it online. I have Crohn's Disease and IBS so still have to watch what I eat but since starting SW I have noticed that my health is improving - (in saying that I have a tummy bug to-day and feel awful) but on the whole I do feel better. I know that the anti-candida diet that you have to follow is so strict but I hope you can do it and in the long run feel better xx :hug99:
Thanks guys, I've managed to give up the alcohol, don't drink fizzy drinks any more, the candida free plan is just so hard because you have to cut out so much, not even supposed to have a sweetener in my tea!
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I've been on it since november, i shall gradually be able to re-introduce certain foods in a few more months, I'm hoping that by rejoining slimming world it will encourage me to stick to it instead of binging all the time, because once i cheat and have something with a bit of yeast in, my body craves more yeast. Last year i was doing permanent green days and the yeast was multipying because i never had any protein, now i'm having red days and things like dairy free milk. I think the condition is a lot more common than people realise, it can cause a lot of thrush, bloating, depression, exhaustion and very painful intercourse, it took me 8 years to be diagnosed(and I'm only 25!) and numerous hospital appointments because it's not very well known. That's why I encourage other members to make sure they use their b choice on meat if on a green day. Sorry for long post, I just want to raise awareness of this horrible condition and help others to recognise the symptoms!
when I was permanently on green days i was eating pasta and rice out of packets and they were feeding my candida, I now have to build up my nutrient bank by eating plenty of veg and meat, I have since discovered if I include plenty of meat my bloating is reduced
Sorry to hear you are suffering, Candida can be nasty and some doctors refuse to acknowledge it, had your doctor been helpful? If so maybe they can help in some way? Give you some points on how to incorporate SW into the anti candida diet?
I found a nutritionist in the yellow pages. The final straw came after visiting a nurse at my doctor's surgery. I suspected it was yeast related and asked if she'd heard of a yeast overgrowth, she said no! Then i asked if I should try a yeast free diet and she said oh no I've never heard of that! So I went home frustrated and took matters into my own hands, this was after seven years of seeing many consultants at three hospitals, one surgical procedure and many negative tests! Luckily I've found a lovely nutritionist who's really helpful

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