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sad :-(


I "only" lost 1.5 lbs in my second week but lost 5.5 the week after

It evens out.

Plus you've lost 8.5lbs in 2 weeks! Thats really good!
I know and I keep telling myself I got weighed a day early and I feel bloated and had tea before he came which I didnt do last week....all reasons for not losing what I expected too....but I do feel gutted like someone just kicked me


Just think how great you'll feel next week when

1. You're not bloated
2. Won't have had tea just before
3. He won't have weighed you a day early.

I bet you (pick something insubstantial that I can afford to lose) you'll feel amazing next week. On top of the world!
Yes I think that is a bit demotivating for week 2 but everybody says that it comes off the next week. I'm worried too cos the scales haven't moved with me for 4 days but it must come off on this level of calories. So I'm going to watch to see how you do next week. Hope you're drinking all the water- I'm not nearly as much as I should but could be that. Also your body is probably trying to hold on to its fat just now. Anyway, good luck this week x


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As Broxi said, there's no way you can't lose weight on this diet if you're sticking to it correctly. And I find that, on the weeks that I have a small loss, I'll have lost more inches. I bet you'll have a great result next week. Stay positive! xx


Cambridge Consultant
Your doing really well... dont be disheartned hon, our bodies work in strange ways.. It will come off though when I have had smaller losses the week after I usually have a bigger loss.
keep smiling your doing so well x
Hang in there-you'll have a great loss next week-and yes it's probably a combination of being weighed early and having had tea etc.{{{hugs}}}

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