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Safe to eat...?


Must try harder...


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I'm inclined to say throw it...
i'd get it out hun defrost it see what it looks and smells like then decide. also depends who u r gonna fed it to. if its just u and another adult as long as it looks and smells ok i'd risk it. u will know if it tastes odd
but i don't think i'd give it a child
haha!! im normally pretty hardcore wen it comes to this kind of thing..I eat things a bit past there sell by date, i defrost things quickly, i reheat rice (and anything else!), all the things myths say we arent meant to do...

...but I would not eat 1yr old freezer chilli.

get rid of it! x
I think iy would be safe to eat it but the quality of flavour would be poor after all this time. I agree with defrost it and see what you think. As long as you heat it to the proper temperature for the correct amout of time it shouldn't do any harm.
I agree with eternity. It would be okay to eat but the flavour would be reduced.
I hate wasting any food but I don't think I'd eat this hun.
Home made food that gets frozen should be eaten within 3 months or so, as it doesn't contain all the preservatives of shop bought stuff. Here's a site which has a list of foods and how long they keep:

How Long Will Food Last in the Freezer? | Real Simple

I guess chilli would come under 'meat casserole' which would mean 3 months.

Personally, I wouldn't eat any home cooked food that's been in there longer than a month.

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