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Saggy skin - I DONT WANT IT!

Sorry guys another question, new to this so ill get all my questions out the way now!

My friend has lost 7st on LL and has saggy skin all over her stomach im now scared im going to get it too! were both 23 so will the skin 'ping' back?

I got about 4 stone to lose, any tips on how to beat saggy skin before it sets in??
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oh i was wondering the same thing :S going to get some bio oil and hope for the best xx


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a bit off topic but it's so reassuring to know that there are other young people out there like me.

I'm 24 and knowing there is a 23 year old out there worrying as much as me about sagging skin and having stones to lose makes me feel like less of an oddity(sometimes I feel that way when I am the fattest person in the room time and time again)

i think that as well as looking after our bodies with the CD we should all be pampering ourselves with toning exercises and toning creams and things, as least it will keep the mind off cheating.


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I have used a firming moisturiser (can not remember the name f it now, but it is the cocoa butter one that smells devine!)

I am 32 and "touch wood" have lost just over 4 stone in total, an no saggy skin as of yet!

I think it is just different for differnt people.
well i will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed do some toning exercises and get some nice smelling cream :) who knew dieting could be so fun great excuse to pamper myself hehe


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Palmers cocoa Butter, thatis the name of it! It is the "firming" one with Q10 and specficially says for after or while losing weight.

Dont know if it actuall does anything or it is just my skin but I use it just in case it helps!
i shall get some tomo thanks for your help xx


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yep... really good thread, i also am 23 and struggling with the worry of saggy skin... got some palmers and will be lathering it on x


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Palmers cocoa Butter, thatis the name of it! It is the "firming" one with Q10 and specficially says for after or while losing weight.

Dont know if it actuall does anything or it is just my skin but I use it just in case it helps!
Palmers Cocoa Butter is great Nade, I agree!! :D:D:D


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I use fiming lotion, slendertone belt and loads of water and keeping my fingers crossed that the saggy skin is minimal


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Apologies for gatecrashing. I am on LL, I have lost 5st so far and am 38 (eeek). I was also worried about saggy skin but touch wood so far its been fine.
I did notice elephant bum (skin hanging around the hip and bum area) a few weeks ago but when I gave myself a look in the mirror this weekend it had gone.
I do a fair amount of walking about 2 hours a day and I drink loads of water min 3 litres but I try and keep it at 4+.
Also I moisturise like a demon.

Best of luck for your weightloss journeys.


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Ive just bought the Palmers one on recommendation from a different thread. Its called Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula, Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. (with vitamin E, Collagen and Elastin and Shea Butter).

According to the blurb on the back it is "clinically proven to increase skins elasticity, which helps prevent and reduce stretch marks...

Welcome to Palmer's


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hi ya,

Got some tips and advice... tips first;

lots of water to keep the moisture up in your body
take a mutli, flaxseed and zinc everyday when dieting (morning with breakfast)
sit ups/floor exercises
body cream/ bio oil is great for stretch marks

Zinc helps to keep elasticity in your skin however, it does depend on your age and more importantly how long you have been over weight stressing out your skin. Even how fast you gained weight to stretch it in the first place. Sit ups speak for themselves... it's like cellulite, the only way it will go is through exercise. And it is true depends on your genes.

Hope this is food for thought for everyone.

i have put all of the above on my shopping list :)


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This is the one I have Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Firming Lotion

Love it!!


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Thanks to everyone's recomendations i've just gone and bought the Palmer's firming lotion.
Fingers crossed it does the trick.
I;ve started massaging in bio oil every morning and night. It reccommends you massage upwards on the tummy for 5 mins, then across and down the hips - i have also been using on boobs and lower back where my bum starts! i have also booked a treatment at my local spa (just a facial) as a treat for sticking to ss for the first 6 weeks. I think pampering is the way forward - come on girls we owe it to ourselves!


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Well done to you Mellie!

Pampering is a brilliant way of congratulating yourself on your success and inspiring further successes!

Long may you continue....

Be gorgeous!

Mikki x
Thanks Mikki - I just think that I have always treated my self with food, comiserated with food, dealt with disappointment with food...so now its time to discover all the other nice things out there to treat myself to...facials,massages, girls nights at the local leisure centre and anything I would normally avoid....so for every stone its a treat :) simple! Good luck everyone .....go on treat yourselves...you deserve it!

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