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Saggy skin (I know this has been covered!)


Can I please ask your honest opinion on the perils of fast weight loss vs saggy skin?

What do you guys recommend, is there such a thing as a tummy tuck in a jar? if not can someone invent one quick please I need it.
After 2 emergany cesarean sections plus being hugly overweight for such a long time I have been left with an impressive "mothers apron". It is getting smaller now but is at the stage where I have to pick it up and stuff it in me knickers!!!!!!
Does anyone have any tips on tightening saggy skin up a bit, not looking for miricles but any improvement would help.:wave_cry:
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i cant help but i would to know aswell cos ive got wrinkly boobs and at 21 that aint soo good >.<
ohhh forgot to mention boobs. Spaniels ears is all I will say on the matter lol


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Hiya, Well just to say saggy skin can happen on any diet, not just vlcd.. They do say it can take up to a year for your skin to catch up with ya new slim body, whether this is true can't say, only thing i can recommend is Body brushing and Soap and glory's Firminator gel. The firminator cream is amazing but saggy skin is alot to do with genetics too :(
wow thanks Lilly, I have looked through the threads and the general gist is to moisturise like mad. Can anyone comment on how good Bio oil is for tightening? I have a feeling its quite pricey and I have wasted so much money on useless products!!!!


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There has been positive talk about an alternative to bio-oil, wish I could remember where it came from. One of the budget supermarkets - Aldi, Lidl or Wilkinsons? Hopefully someone will know but if you know how to search for old posts it should come up.


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bio oil is around 8 pound in supermarkets. i used it when pregnant and made ma skin feel luuurvley. I too have the wrinkly baggy belly when i lose weight, not something im looking forward to, but worth being at a healthy weight for. Hubby hates the wrinkly saggy boobies tho. He said if i turn over in bed and my nipple feels warm its cos its dipped in ma cuppa!!! cheeky


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Hi, I would also like to know this. I was in Boots the other day and I was not sure whether to get a firming cream like nivea, or a smoothing one like bio oil. If i firm my skin will that not help it shrink back?? Does this make sense, sorry if it doesnt. I really want to start a daily routine but do not have the faith in any particular product to go for, so any recommendations would be great.

Thanks x

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