Preventing saggy skin


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This is a topic that comes up loads I know but I thought I'd ask here as you're all people who have a lot to lose and many of you have already lost a lot of weight. I'm nearly 3 stone down at the moment and have just over another 3 and a half to go. At the moment, saggy skin isn't an issue, though I can see it starting to develop a little on my inner thighs, but such a small amount I only notice it because I regularly inspect or saggy skin lol

Are there any things that you've done to help to prevent saggy skin that seem to have worked? I'm not sure I believe in miracle lotions and potions but someone might prove me wrong but I was more thinking like drinking x amount of water, doing x amount of exercise, doing particular exercises, things like that.
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Hi Caroline,

I'm not lucky enough yet to be anywhere near that yet :-/ well done on 3 stone.

A work colleague lost 5stone 3 with Scottish Slimmers which is basically cc. She said her skin was awful and actually was happier at her heaviest weight BUT she persevered and a year later she said it has improved alot and her skin seems to be attached to muscle more now.

Not sure how this works - she does exercise - but i think it takes time for your body to adjust. The skin is used to clinging to inches of fat and when you take that away it needs time to adjust. So if you ever feel it's bad - give it time. For her it took a good year, she looks amazing.

I always remember her telling me this so that when the time comes i dont waste my hard work and i just keep going.

She still has some ofcoarse, but it is better a year on x


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I guess it's just a wait and see if it's a problem and then give it time to clear up then.


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I think probably the steadier you lose weight, the easier your skin will adjust. I've lost 5 stone, in 9 months, and mine isn't too bad on my stomach - my arms aren't so good though, lol. x


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well done you guys on what youv lost so far , I personaly havent lost that much yet but Iv red that regular moisturising helps a lot too x


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Last time when I was just 5 stone overweight and I lost it, I had no sagging skin whatsoever. So I guess it just varies I did not take any special lotions or anything. I think it must just vary person to person. I hope now I am trying to lose double that it wont happen.


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I've lost 4 1/2 stone so far in 9 months and my bingo wings are horrid!!! :( I started off going to the gym 3 times a week and swimming twice a week for 3 months, then cut it back, I'm now going to the gym twice a week and swimming once a week. I thought by excercising my arms pretty often, they'd tone while losing the weight, as the programme I was put on at the gym included alot of cardio and weights but nope, the top of my arms are toned and there is muscle underneath too but then there's the saggy bingo wings!! :( The only time my arms are bare now is at the gym, I refuse to show them in public! lol I have read that the skin can go back but it can take up to 2 years! So I'm just gonna wait and see what happens :) I've still got 2 more stone to lose, so I'm hoping if I continue to tone the better it'll be, hopefully :D My stomache isn't bad though, that just seems to be shrinking but not sagging thankfully, my thighs are alot thinner but the skin isn't too bad on them, not that I'm gonna be wearing a mini skirt anytime soon anyway! lol


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From what I have read that getting saggy skin is 50/50, some people get it and (fortunately) don't. The younger you are will also help as your skin is more elastic, I have lost 3 stone and I haven't noticed anywhere but on my arms (bingo wings). I am trying to do weights and a lot of arm exercise, fingers crossed.
I have seen a quote on here ''clothes can hide skin but not a bulging belly :) x