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Sahara Desert Spicy Tomato Soup (ha ha)


Striving to be good.....
Had read a previous thread about the flavoured soups having sand in and couldn't understand what anyone was on about.
Yesterday I decided to try a spicy tomato soup. Flavour was great BUT there was half of the sahara desert in there. Yep, remember as a kid dropping your butties on the beach and eating them anyway - think spicy tomato!!
Why is this does anyone know?
I always use a blender so I know that this is not my problem.
Apart from that, I haven't found a CD pack that I don't like so its good to have a range of different flavours to choose from.

Mikki xx
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Hiya Mikki,
I love the Spicy Tomato and it's been a bit of a life-saver for me as it's the only pack that you don';t need to use a blender with. You just add a little bit of cold water, mix it to a smoothe paste then fill it up with hot water.......not sure whether this is the problem or not.....(aia get my packs from Singapore and they tell you on the back of the pack, not too sure whether your packs back home say this or not)
They do (at least I think so..).
I had the sahara once as well with spicy tomato but quickly remembered to make a paste with a bit of cold water first..



Goodbye Tum
Not too hot water either, the spicy tomato is a sensitive soul, treat with care hee hee xx


Agree with all the above re the Tom Soup. Done gently it can be quite pleasant.
Done in a rush & you get either grit or frog spawn. Cold water makes a big difference.

The other soups can give you a sandy bottom too. I haven't quite pinned down what causes it or how to avoid it. Just seems that sometimes they do & sometimes they don't.
As for where the grit comes from I imagine that it's some of the minerals coming out of suspension.

If anyone has more info I'd be greatful.


Striving to be good.....
LOL to frogspawn!

thanks for the advice. I love my oriental chilli soup but fancied a change.
Loved the taste of spicy tomato (tho have always hated tomato soup - weird hey)
Will make tonights pack with a little paste and see if i can make a difference.

Be gorgeous everyone

Michelle xx


Striving to be good.....
Amazing what a bit of cold water can do!


have mixed my last spicy tomato soup with cold water into a paste (as advised) and poured on the boiling water.

Et voila! Perfect spicy tomato soup - without the sahara desert included!

Funny how things turn out right when you read the pack :rolleyes:

Thanks everyone.....

Be gorgeous

Michelle xx
Must try that - I ordered 9 packs of spicy tomato, tried one and thought YUK. Its the only one so far to fall into that catagory. I will try once more with the revised method of prep. Thanks for that.

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