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I am one of the 63336
We only have a small Sainsbury's in town (bigger than a Sainsbury's Local and they call it a 'normal' supermarket but it's not great in size) and it doesn't stock the Lasting Satisfaction yogurts, Kellogg's Sustain or Weight Watcher's sausages.

It's a bit of a treck to the closest large Sainsbury's so I was wondering if anyone knew if the larger ones stock these or should I just not bother going there.

Many thanks x
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Is there a Tesco?
Tesco here have those yogurts and the Sustain. I'm not sure about the sausages because I've never looked though.
We have a massive Sainsbury's where I am and they have a great range of cereals and yogurts-including sustain and lasting satisfaction. I can't comment on the WW sausages cuz I don't like sausages in general! Have you got an Asda near you? They always have oodles of WW stuff


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It's impossible to say for sure I'm afraid as stores will often vary the range of products they carry according to local demands. I would think there is a good chance they will stock them but suppose you could always phone them up and ask


I am one of the 63336
Thanks for that ladies. We have a large Tesco nearby that we usually use but didn't know whether to risk goign to the big Sainsbury's for a change but I think I'll stick to what we do now xx
I agree with happy holidays, do your shopping online. We only have a small tesco nearby which has limited choices but the tesco delivery comes from the big tesco 20+ miles away and you get so much more choice - I can get quark for one!!


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I think the problem with online shopping is that the delivery will usually come from your nearest store that offers this service. If that happens to be your local one then if it's not on the shelf it won't be in your online order. So check where it's coming from before you order and like Jaylou you might be lucky and find it's a bigger store.
Normally when you do online shopping, you have to enter your postcode first. Then your choices should only be what that store stocks.

Also, it's only the big stores that offer the home delivery service, so the range should be larger than your most local one anyway...


I am one of the 63336
Problem is that some 'big' stores are bigger than others. Deliveries for the south Kent area come out of the Sevenoaks store which is small compared to most of their other superstores.

We have a very nice huge Tesco near us which we usually use but didn't know whether to give the nearest big Sainsbury's a try but I think it'd be more hassle than it's worth.

Our closest Asda is ages away so looks like it's Tesco for us :-D

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