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Salad/fruit salad

Hi - I read a post recently where someone said that they made a fruit salad on a sunday and ate a bit of it each day during the week.

This would be fab for me but whenever I do it with salad or fruit it always seems to go manky after a couple of days. Does anyone have any tips for keeping it fresh? It would be amazing if I could do all my food prep on a sunday when I have time rather than during the week when I'm rushing about and too easily convinced to give it a miss :eek:.

Thanks :)
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Lemonade - diet of course ;)

It should last a few days but not all week - personally I would not want to be eating a fruit salad any longer than a couple of days after it had been prepped

Or lemon juice is the traditional way to stop it browning
You could always buy frozen fruit salad and put it in individual freezer bags and just take a bag out every day.


Always comes back to MMs!

I've been trying this this week as well, I made some on Friday and ate it over weekend, than made some more last night to last me to WI on Wednesday... I will definitely try the Diet Lemo trick though!!

Think I will stick to twice a week as more than 3 days and its not the best...!

Personally, I wouldn't leave a fruit salad for any longer than it takes to get from the chopping board to the bowl. I always make my fruit salad and eat it immediately. Fruit starts to lose its freshness and vitamin content the moment that it is cut.
Years ago, I remember a SW consultant saying you shouldn't do this. I can't remember the exact scientific detail but it was something along the lines of the fruit sugars start to increase and ferment and it's not nearly as good for you after a few days as it was when it was freshly made. Don't know how much truth there is in that tbh, but it has put me off keeping it too long just in case!
I usually make my own fruit salad and then put it in the freezer. That way is is still fresh and you can take some out each day. It saves so much money on wasted fruit!

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