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sally Morgan or Derek accorah?


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I've heard good things about Sally Morgan, she's been on locally and was very well received. Can't say anything about Derek but love Starlight's comments!!!
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Thought I would jump in and say a quick "Hello" :sign0144:
I'm going to see Derek on Friday as he is on near me so I will let you know what he is like.

Having said that I have heard much better things about Sally than I have of Derek. All the Sally shows have now sold out near me when she is here (and thats not till September) but I think you can still get tickets for Derek..... that tells me things!!

Jackie xx



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Neither for me personally!

He's a creep and a letch - yuk!

And her whiney voice drives me up the walls!

I agree with what a PP has said about tickets being sold out or available though.

Any chance you can do both and then decide who you prefer?


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I went to see sally morgan in january, although i wasnt personally picked out of the audience it was a really good evening and it was a full house!

If u go see sally dont forget to take a photo of a loved one thats passed and when your there you also get chance to fill in a card to ask a question and it goes in a bowl alongside a bowl with the photies and is taken on stage with her :)

although personally i would love an actual one to one reading to believe in it, im still a bit sceptical about it all.

Derek acorah i also think is good bt do see where the others are coming from :) xx
Oh, I love Sally! I watch her shows on telly and she is soooo good. The things she says seem so personal - like little mannerisms of the passed one that can't be googled or searched for.
I'm booked to see her in November in Cardiff - Bought 6 tickets but now a few family members have chickened out as they think she is too good which makes them nervous! lol!
I'd love a 1-1 but bet she costs a bomb! :)


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Neither for me either. I know its bad but I just Laugh at Sally Morgan she is too manic for me.

I like John Edward would pay to see him.

As for Derek Acora, I watched quite a few leave his night they said it was rubbish that was a few years ago though mind so not sure if anything has changed.


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Ive seen Derek before so we have chosse to see sally 25 a tickets not bad Thanks for all the feed back, just gotta wait till Oct to see her x


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Friends of mine have seen Derek in action and said it was terrible. Constantly reaching and "fishing" for names. If the names were not correct, his stock phrase seemed to be "It will come to you later at home"

Derren Brown is at least open and honest about it all - he's as good as most of them;)

Sally does come across better on TV
I'm booked to see her in November in Cardiff - Bought 6 tickets but now a few family members have chickened out as they think she is too good which makes them nervous! lol!
I'd love a 1-1 but bet she costs a bomb! :)
Cottonsocks - when & where is she in Cardiff in Nov? The Ents website has her in Barry on 4th Oct & Llandudno on 30th Nov but no mention of Cardiff. Let me know if you need to offload any of those tickets - I could very well be interested.


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Ive got the chance to see either of these mediums but i can't decide which to see?
Hi, I have seen both and I agree with the majority, don't waste your time or money going to see Derek Acorah and as for Sally....I would pay an amazing amount of money to see her at anytime any place...I saw her in June and I am going again to see her in September ....she is very accurate and while I didn't personally get read a friend did and Sally was spot on x
I don't want anyone to be pffended by this question, and I am not being critical - I genuinly want to know.

What is the point? I don't understand.
Because for those who believe in some form of afterlife, it brings comfort to hear things that they can identify with from people that they have lost. You could just as much say "Whats the point in believing in a God?" or "Whats the point in believing that air exists?"

Just because something isnt visible, or touchable, or solid, doesnt mean it ceases to be of value, or any more or less real than something that is.

There are many people who exploit this belief, but there are others who believe that they can communicate spiritually with passed people, and who can provide identifying factors that back up their claims that they can. Sally Morgan is one of the few that do appear to have a genuine ability, which is why her shows sell out and people believe in her.

There is a lot to be said for beliefs. They bring comfort in hard times, they help to form a supportive community of likeminded people, and they are often a major force for good. Theres a lot bad to be said about them too, they condition people to follow a set of imposed rules of behaviour, they can restrict a person from being truly themselves, and they can be damaging in the wrong hands.

But they exist, and will continue to exist, long after you or I find out for ourselves if there was any credibility to be had in psychic readings!!


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I have seen Derek Acorah twice. first time brilliant second time a load of rubbish. I hated him on Most Haunted, almost as much as i cant stand Yvette Fielding.
I have attended a spiritual church and have had the most amazing messages and i have also had a reading where he couldnt have known the things that he said. even with the best guessing he wouldnt have known.
Would love to have had a reading with Doris Stokes.

Colin Fry would be a good one to see. and who is the person that is a barber, he is meant to be brilliant. he took over from Derek on Most Haunted but he didnt like working the show.


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I have seen Colin Fry too, he was ok not in my opinion brilliant like Sally, but I got a very distinct impression that he was filling in time IYKWIM....instead of saying...which I suppose would be bad for business....actually I'm not getting anything coming through....he seemed to flounder about, but then moved onto the next few readings and was again, seemingly brilliant, so I am a little up in the air still about him, he also had T J Higgs and Tony Stockwell with him on the show I saw, they were good but didn't actually get enough from them to form too much of an opinion yet.
After many years of avoiding a personal reading, for personal reasons, I was eventually persuaded 2 years ago to have one...We phoned the lady at 4pm on the day we had the reading, gave her nothing other than my daughters first name and arranged to have the reading at 7pm that evening.
WOW is all I can say, the lady tapes her sessions and gives you the tape so that if there is anything you can't verify at the time, on listening back you may be able to and I have identified everything, in fact did so with 80% at the actual reading...she was so accurate she gave me details that I didn't even realise were correct until I checked them out and even thought was completely different to what she told me at the reading, and things that I had never told a single person in my life not even my husband...now if that is an act, I for one am very interested in knowing how it works, as there can be no way that she could possibly have found out any information at all beforehand and we were asked to only give yes and no answers during the reading, so nothing there either ...amazing!! x

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