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Same loss every week.....?


Peggy McParrot
i think thats fantastic...


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I've been doing 3-4lbs each week. O a 'normal' diet i.e SW/WW that would normally be 1lb per week with me ( and then I'd go and cheat and put it back on the following week!!!!) so it would take about 1 year to lose 2 stone!!!! (And 3 months to put it all back on again!) I vow never again to re-gain the weight! x


I will be skinny again!!!
Some people lose a consistant amount... Most peoples vary!


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I've lost 3.8lbs the last 2 weeks - at the pharmacy the girl said I may find that's 'my' amount because people tend to settle into a very similar amount each week ...... I sincerely hope she's right!!! xx
Hi all,Thats a great loss Taylor!! At this moment I dream of 1lb weight loss.I have just started and hope that if I can get through the next few days I can emulate even a small bit of all your successes.


Here we go again!
Well done on your latest 3lbs loss Taylor! My amount seems to be 4lbs a week, it has been for the last 3 weeks anyway and I am very happy if it stays like that. Keep going, you are doing really well!
at least you know what you will get lol

mine varied massively


maintaining since June'09
It IS magic that 3lbs!! :) Well done! x


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3lbs a week is a great loss chick.

I seem to be averaging 4lbs a week - sometimes 3.5 sometimes 4 - but just think - that 3lbs is probably more than what you'd be losing on a 'normal' diet :D
It's pretty amazing - I'm hoping for a 3lb loss as well !
Nothing wrong with a bit of consistency! 3lbs a week is a fabulous weight loss, and shows it is a good steady loss. It's still around a stone a month which is a brilliant weight loss that anyone would be delighted with. Good on you!


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Mine are all over the place!!

would be glad of them being similar each week, you know where u stand that way!!

3lbs a week is fab, and at least you know you are consistent!!


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