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Same weight but looking much less flabby! Why?

Hi I realised something yesterday that was really strange.
I am now the same weight as I was about 5 years ago before I had my children (slightly heavier in fact).
Though back then I had a double chin and was 'puffy' everywhere.
Now however even though i'm the same weight I have no weight around my face like before and i'm in a smaller size.
I just look firmer so look like i'm carrying the weight better.
Why do think this is and has anyone had a similar experience?

The only conclusion I can come to is that I must be fitter and more active now than I was hence more muscle than before. Not really surprising I suppose considering I spend my day's now running around now after a 3 and 8mth old. Whereas before I was sitting behind a desk all day working at an office.
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I was watching TV yesterday, Living2, and they were running weightloss programs back-to-back. They were giving a diet, but also a strengthening exercise plan to each participant. Each time they weighed in they also did the electrical fat/muscle ratio thing test. So they were telling them how much fat they'd lost PLUS how much muscle they'd added. It showed up those that weren't following the exercises as prescribed... they had muscle loss... SO... the more exercise you do the higher the muscle ratio to fat. Kinda proves what you already guessed! :D

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