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Sam's Diary. The never ending cycle!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by cinderzxx, 28 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Hi All...
    Thought I would drop in and try and keep a food diary (again)... long story short I'm at the biggest I've ever been and looking to try slimming world again... as I know it works. My willpower is severely limited at the mo (I am blaming having to mission through normal life and work with a particularly bad spell of health)
    But greediness might have something to do with it.

    ... day one
    Not the best start cos its all been a bit rushed

    EE day. (This will take getting used to - last time I did SW it was more about red and green)

    B: banana and 3 small plums
    L: roast chicken leg (no skin) with lettuce and tomato. Salad cream 4 syns
    D: grilled gammon steak (fat removed) with egg fried savoury rice (dry fried)

    Realise I have no hex a or hex b... I was planning on having weetabix for breakfast with skimmed milk but didn't get them earlier... so I might have them now before bed :)
    Then I need to get into bed before I comfort eat the house down!

    Hope I haven't sent anyone to sleep with my rambling! :)

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  3. Tubby&Chubby

    Tubby&Chubby Well-Known Member


    I'm no expert but I believe if you are doing EE you need to have a load of veg/salad etc with your meals?

    Like your tea hasn't got any salad or veg which is free?

    Good luck!!
  4. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    There was peppers and veg in the rice I should have said. I planned to have a fruit salad for afters which would have easily made up the 1/3 super free but I just didn't have the appetite. Like I said, not a 100% first day but I'm happy cos I didn't reach for junk xx

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  5. Tubby&Chubby

    Tubby&Chubby Well-Known Member

    Absolutely, well done you!! x
  6. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Am on 3 nights from tonight just struggling with what to eat beforehand and while I'm at work... usually would be sugar and carb fest.... am off to check out people's food diaries for inspiration.

    Todays plan: EE
    B: 2 weetabix (HexB) semi - skimmed milk (HexA)
    No lunch as hopefully I will be napping before work!
    D: Jacket Potato, I can't believe it's not butter light (2.5syns) syn free chilli (with added veg and made with extra lean mince), 25g cheddar (5syns), Salad.

    Snacks for in the night: Fruit, danio yoghurt (small pot) (1syn), ham, cherry tomatoes.

    Really became addicted to sweet cereal bars and breakfast biscuits during my nights. They are quite high syn value. Going to get some Alpen light bars to have as hexB for the next set.

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  7. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    That was the strangest night shift I've had in a while. No sugary carb snacks, no sugary drinks, no redbull. I feel ok... more awake actually.
    Have just come home and eaten some syn free chilli for breakfast tho.... or dinner however you look at it. Hopefully I have a nice long sleep now.

    B: syn free chilli with added baked beans. Grapes, pineapple, plums x2
    D: jacket potato with I can't believe it's not butter light (2.5syns) beans and cathedral city 25g (5syns) salad

    Snacks planned for tonight... 2 boiled eggs, 3 babybel light (hexa), ham, cherry toms and salad.
    Ryvita (hexb)

    Roll on morning!!

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  8. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Argh. Narrowly managed to avoid all the chocolate and sweets at work last night. Very hectic shift. Think I am better off taking little snacky bits rather than a meal cos I don't get chance to sit down much undisturbed!

    EE day
    B: banana and danio yoghurt (1syn)
    Nice sleep til half 4 (very unlike me)
    D: Roast chicken leg (skin removed), with vegetable stir fry frylight and soy sauce, boiled noodles

    Tonights munch: roast chicken leg (skin removed), 3 babybel light (hexa), ryvita (hexb), fruit.
    Diet coke

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  9. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    21 syns so far this week if I stay on track tonight. (Have purposely kept it low because I know what I'm like and wanted wriggle room incase it went pear shaped)
    Going to treat myself to costa coffee tomorrow! *if not too knackered*

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    Last edited: 31 August 2014
  10. 3-pounds-togo

    3-pounds-togo Active Member

    You're doing great. Your meals are healthy as well as low cal. I think you're right about small snacks instead of meals with the time limitations at work plus you won;t have a big spell of feeling hungry. Good luck for the rest of your weight loss.
  11. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Thanks hun. :)
    I'm struggling a bit to be creative but just getting bk into it at the mo. Battle not to binge lol even tho I'm not hungry. Stupid brain!

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  12. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Todays eatings....

    B: costa skinny vanilla latte small (hexa milk), vanilla syrup (2.5 syns)
    Chocolate muffin (22.5syns)

    D: chicken breast in syn free tomato sauce (passata, onions, garlic, peppers, mixed herbs, Worcestershire sauce), with cous cous and a big pile of broccoli

    I know I've not had a B choice yet... might save it for weetabix at bedtime and syn the milk if i get hungry. Or have some ryvita. Hmmm

    My eating is always a bit hit and miss on nights.

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  13. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Syns 46/105 2 days to go

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  14. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Today was a total write-off.... not been well and hellish at work. Ive had weetabix (HexB) with semi skimmed milk (HexA)... and that's it.

    That'll skew weigh in tomorrow a bit....

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  15. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Ok... well weigh in was a big surprise. 12.6lb off. Must be loads of water weight and yesterday's not eating much.

    3 nightshifts now to contend with...

    Red day

    B: Allbran (HexB) with skimmed milk (HexA)
    D: gammon eggs and beans

    Night: chicken salad with cheese/babybel (HexA), Salad cream: 4 syns
    Alpen 70cal bars x2 (HexB)
    Danio yoghurt 1.5syns

    Close to reaching for the chocolate today!

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  16. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Well-Known Member

    hey :) here to sub! even though I'm doing weight watchers rather than slimming world, I find learning about different diets interesting! they all reach the same goal at the end of the day :)
  17. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the sub Lauren

    Well, ended up eating alpen bars and yoghurt for breakfast before bed this am
    Then finally a half decent sleepies....

    EE Day
    Dinner tonight: jacket spud with syn free chilli and cheese (5syns) light butter spread (2.5syns)
    Night time snacks: cheese and chicken salad (Hexa) salad cream (4syns)
    Pear, grapes, banana
    2 Alpen bars (HexB)

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    Last edited: 5 September 2014
  18. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member


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    Last edited: 5 September 2014
  19. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member


    have stayed at mums today... non slimming world dinner... chicken and cashewnuts in chinese style sauce ? Syns

    Night snacks... chicken and bacon salad - Asda. Calculator says 12.5syns
    Fruit salad, grapes
    Danio yoghurt 1.5syns

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  20. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Omg just reading back through posts on here. I was here 5 years ago doing this. AND much lighter than i am now. Seriously need to sort myself out!

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  21. cinderzxx

    cinderzxx Well-Known Member

    Not tonight tho. Tonight is baaaaaad. Slipped up big time. Biscuits. Fat mayo.
    And have decided i am going out for coffee and cake tomorrow before i build a nest on the sofa..... with bad food and stodge.
    Back to it sunday!

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