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Sarah.B's diary


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Dear all,

I started at WW on Monday after putting on 10 pounds in a month!!!!.

I did CD from november until about March and lost nearly 3 stone. I would have probably lost more but I like my food too much!!! I got married on the 26th May - hence the reason for the diet and have not stopped eating since!!!

I am now at WW trying to lose the extra weight i have put on plus a bit more. I would ideally like to lose 2.5 stone to get me near my healthy BMI. I do not really want to go any lower than that as i don't want to get any smaller than a size 12.

I have been coping well with my points so far and sticking to them but i am a bit fed up this morning as i weighed myself and I have lost 1 pound so far. I know its still a loss but I normally do really well in my first week of a diet and I was expecting at good 4 - 6 pounds. But its still early days - who knows what the scales will say when i get weighed on Monday lunchtime!!
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Hi Sarah

Another diary to read - yey! I love a good nosey at someone elses diary, hehe

Are you weighing in on your own every week or are you going to meetings?
Oh, and forgot to say -congratulations on your wedding!! Hope married life is treating you well ;)
Hi there

Glad to see youve started a diary!

Firstly - get away from those scales!!! lol Seriously when youre doing WW its not like CD when you see a difference every day. I keep my scales at my parents house, so Im not tempted and only weigh myself once a week. Dont be disheartened, I did a sneaky wi a few weeks ago on the Thursday and it showed Id GAINED 3lbs by the Monday I had a 4lb loss lol

Im sure youll really enjoy WW, itll be a huge change after CD

Good luck and be sure and let us know how youre doing - we're incredibly nosey here ;)


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I can't help getting on the scales, I shall try and limit it though - maybe just once or twice a week!

I have joined a lunchtime class near where I work. I'm glad its on a monday as it will keep me on the straight and narrow over the weekend - although I do have a party on saturday night. Lots of alcohol!!! I shall make sure i steer clear of wine and just stick to vodka and diet coke. I haven't touched a drop of alcohol all week.


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Saturday 30th June.

I'm sulking today - I am going to a party tonight and none of my clothes fit me!!! They were all ok a month ago and now they are all tight and uncomfortable., its amazing the difference half a stone makes.

I have just been out to Asda and bought myself an emergency outfit for tonight but i have had to buy a size 16, so I am cross withmyself as a month ago i was buying 14's.

Hopefully it won't be long before I cna get back in them again!!


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Sunday 1st July

I am hungover today - I feel rubbish!!! At least i won't be able to eat much!!

WI tomorrow lunchtime - wish me luck!!


Likes to eat
Hi Sarah,

Hope last night was worth the hangover at least! :D

very best of luck for tomorrow! x


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Monday 2nd July

Well I lost 1.5 pounds this week. I suppose thats better than nothing but I am disappointed not have done better.

But its still a loss!!

I must try harder this week and make sure i vary my diet and drink heaps of water. Plus I think I am still eating too much bread - even though it is Nimble.


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Tuesday 3rd July

I am feeling really fed up today, After my disasterous 1.5 loss I am feeling really unmotivated.

All i want to do is eat - I must snap out of it!!!!


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After having a couple of rubbish days I feel like I am now back on track. I always get like this when I am due on and at the moment I feel like I am on a real low. The wedding and honeymoon had me on such a high, and since we have got back from our honeymoon the weather has been pants. Also my admin assistant went on maternity and she hasn't been replaced so I have been forced to bring work home with me this weekend and to top it off, part of the building i work in was flooded on tuesday and my office carpet is soaked and absolutey stinks!!! Thankfully they were supposed to be replacing it this afternoon - i don't know if it was done after all as I had a half day today.

Went food shopping and bought myself a little bottle of WW wine - not bad and i also bought myself heaps of ww and low point goodies.

Its my In-laws wedding anniversary on sunday and we are going out for a curry (Not my choice) I was thinking about just having a plain rice and maybe a saag aloo? No starter or afters? Any ideas?


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How rubbish am i?????????

I put on 2 pounds this week, meaning I am even heavier than when I started. My friend who joined the same time as me lost 4.5 pounds her first week and 1.5 this week - I am gutted as I too could be 6 pounds lighter.

I must try harder this week and stick to the diet as I am so unhappy at the moment!!!!:cry:

Start fresh tomorrow and make sure I avoid alcohol and chocolate all week!!!!


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Feeling a lot more positive today. My friend is having a party in two weeks and i've got a dress hanging in my wardrobe which is a little too tight. I think if i follow the plan for the next two week i will defo be able to get into it. It does up and everything it just pulls a little round my waist.

I am due on any day now so hopefully the desire i have to eat everything is sight will go!!!

I am just eating my porridge now for breakkie and I have got a spag bol for lunch and a WW pizza for dinner. We are off to a party tonight but I am driving so its diet cokes for me!!

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