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  1. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    Hiya Everyone who's reading this thank you! I decided that if I write a journal about what i've been up to during the week it should definately help my weight loss, not that I'm having problems but it's nice to share stories and keep each other motivated! I'm just entering my 4th week of weight watchers and I lost 8.5lb in the first week, only 0.5 in the second and then 5 this week so I'm delighted to have lost a stone in the last 3 weeks horay!! I'm doing the points plan as I work in a nursery and the children eat every like 3 hours its crazy! So it's good that I can bring in some snacks without feeling that I'm missing out on anything! How is everyone else getting along?

    Love Sarah xxxx:rolleyes:
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  3. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    Good morning everyone, Hope anyone reading this is having a good sunday. I got up feeling like eating alot!! So i've had
    crumpets 2.5 points
    three eggs scrambled 4points
    cheese 1point
    milk 0.5points
    Yummy! 8 points I'm on 33 so i've got 25 left xxx:D
  4. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    Hi Sarah. Wow, you have got off to a fab start. Well done on your first stone. Looking forward to following your progress in your diary and hope you'll be posting your losses in Lea's weekly weigh-in thread x
  5. smilerjen

    smilerjen Has the power of the horn

    Hi, good luck!! I am a primary teacher, but I have done my stint in a nursery and I know how hard it is!! The nursey I worked in had a sooo many biscuits at snack time! They used to give the kids the option of a slice of apple or a big chocci bicci.....mmmm hard choice! lol
  6. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    :)Thanks for your support girls, I've had a bit of a hard day today, Charlie (my little boy whos 2) was sooo naughty when we went to Tescos shopping - fair enough its hard for him to stay interested but I'm always so focused on making sure i buy the right things!!! Hence I forgot to buy the sauce for my chow mein how annoying!! I had a very small amount of the pasta that charlie had for lunch about 3 points and 3 slices of WW malt loaf with flora so thats 5 points and i've just had a traid craft Geo bar which is 2 points so thats 18 altogether. now what to have for dinner??!!:p
  7. Pink Princess

    Pink Princess Full Member

    Hey :)

    Sounds like you are off to a fab start, congratulations on the stone, that's great :D Keep up the good work x
  8. Jax123

    Jax123 Gold Member

    Well done you - you've had a fab start - and a stone already!

    I work in an infant school but like Jen have done the nursery scene - so many snacks its so hard to keep on track so a big pat on the back for you :D
  9. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member


    I'm lucky that my nursery really has a healthy look to food, no biscuits or chocolate things, or chips things like that but still eating 6 meals a day instead of 3 has had a effect on me!!!! Here's what i've had the rest of today

    Sausages 3 Tesco healthy living 4.5 points,
    Mashed potato and sweet potato with cheese!! 6
    tomato ketchup 0.5
    veggies 0
    Weight watchers creamy chocolate flavour dessert 1 point although I didn't eat all of it it was horrible!!!

    So thats 12 points for dinner (seems like lots but not that much food!!!)
    :eek: so i've got about 2 left for the day i think (not sure if i've added it all up right!!!)

    sarah xxx
  10. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    hello welldone on your first stone :)

    goodluck for your next weigh in - im sure it will be just as good!

    suz x
  11. Lozbo

    Lozbo Silver Member

    Seems like your off to a fantastic start! :D
    Well done with your weight loss so far. :)
  12. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    Thanks for everyones support of my first day on here it feels like i've been writing for months!! I'm off to bed having fought off cravings for chocolate!!! I did have one of my ww red fruit bars yummy!!! big hugs xxxx:grouphugg:
  13. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    Hello and welcome! Good luck on your weightloss journey! Well done on your stone!xx
  14. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    :wave_cry:Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good day, I'm not feeling well tonight I think i'm due on and it's making me feel like eating for england HELP!!! I've done so well on my points today so far, I did have a couple of squares of the kids toast at breakfast after having my own toast at home but didn't have any lunch with them or tea just stuck to my snacks so I'm very pleased with myself. I've just done my bit of tracking online minus dinner and i've used 17.5 points so far, which means i've got a massive 15.5 left for tea tonight and drinks so i'm going to have chicken stir fry with a little sweet and sour sauce yum yum. Any tips anyone on how to get over these cravings without knocking out my points?? (not that i've got any chocolate in the house cos I won't buy it anymore!!) xxxx:confused::(
  15. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    oh those totm cravings are the worst! Do bear in mind that your points are there to be used so don't worry if you feel snacky as long as you stay within points x
  16. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    Bed time I recon!

    Well I had an amazing dinner, chicken with loads of veg and noodles with sweet and sour sauce for 9 points although I didn't eat all of it there's still about a third left for lunch tomorrow. I watched my fav tv show of the week America's next top model and had a lovely mint options and a ww mint bar (yum yum!) :Dwhich helped my chocolate cravings slightly!!! I also remembered that I had a full fat coke at lunch cos I really needed the sugar. So I've got 2.5 points remaining good on me!:)
  17. yummymummy1982

    yummymummy1982 Full Member

    Sorry I've been a bit lax at writing!

    :DHiya Everyone, I hope you've all had a good week? I've lost a pound this week, i was a bit disappointed to be honest but then thought it is at least something! I've been relatively good it just slipped a bit today when I bought lunch for Charlie and ended up with a Duck wrap not sure how many points it was!! I'll check that out in a mo! I was also quite upset yesterday because the boy that used to bully me at school :cry:(because I was fat) commented on a photo of me on facebook (a very nasty comment) and bought back alot of horrible memories. :sigh:I'm now trying so hard to lose as much weight as i can before christmas and not let people like that win. I haven't done much exercise at all this week oh dear! I'm going to swim at least 3 times this week i've decided!! Big hugs everyone xxxx
  18. omnomnom

    omnomnom The mother flippin'

    How pathetic! Some people never grow up. Stupid man!:hug99:
  19. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    i hate people like that. i refuse to add anyone to my facebook who i wasnt really good friends with, as i dont want reminders of being at school / college that werent positive ones.

    dont worry about it Sarah - you can change what you look like but arseholes like that cant change their disgusting faces or their disgusting personalities.
  20. omnomnom

    omnomnom The mother flippin'

    Can I add you? ^_^ I promise I'll be nice.
  21. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

    Well done on the pound off. I'd make sure that boy (clearly not yet grown up) is no longer on your friends list x
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