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Sarah's Ramblings.... 2011!

Sorry I haven't been around for ages - I have been in Oz! I finally got to go and visit my brother which was so amazing, I had the best time!

We did lots of exercise, loads of walking, swimming etc, but we ate out lots and I didn't make great choices - it was the holiday of a lifetime and I treated myself! I didn't drink much which was bonus!

So, the damage was going from 14 stone 3 lbs to 15 stone. However, that is from 25 November, and I left for Oz on 13 December, and had eaten quite badly up until then.... so for 1.5 months, I think 10lbs isn't too bad, and I think if I stick at it, it shouldn't take long for that to disappear.

I always knew that being heavier does take control of your life in your thoughts sometimes, but it did so much qhilst I was over there. I am not confident in my body really... I have loads of pretty dresses but wear them with tights, but I took them all and mostly wore them bare legged (once I had a tan!) and found yself to be more confident.

I hated being seen in a bikini and I did my best to not let people see me in it - rushing from the sea to the sand and from the pool to inside! However, I was more confident than I had been before I lost the weight!

One thing that really hit me was when we went to the theme parks. Back in April when I started this new me with healthy eating, it began because I wouldn't fit on a ride at Alton Towers. I thought that 3 stone down, I would be confident enough to give rides another go, however I was terrified. I wasn't terrified of the rides, but of being told I couldn't fit in, and so I didn't go on a lot of them. I was pleasantly surprised that I did actually fit on them!

So...... that was quite long in the end!

I have come back to uni with a really good attitude - I am ready to get back on the saddle!

I have a 5k run in April and so I am going to train for this - might not seem like much but I haven't run in years!

Also, I want to do a charity skydive and I want to be a healthy weight for that!

So, I am going to catch up with everyone's posts now, but I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! xx
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Welcome back Sarah, glad you had a great time in Oz, you'll get back to where you were in no time!!! x
God I have lost it already!

Back at uni and had 3 nights out.... followed by 3 days of binging.

We have all decided to have one night out a week - I hope we stick to it. So, from tomorrow I start a fresh.

I have gotten rid of all the bad food in my fridge, and to save money too, I plan to make a menu that I will stick to.

I am going back home tomorrow and my Mum is taking me out for dinner - not a good start but I can't be too strict on myself or this is just not going to happen.

Encouragement is needed - I'm gonna do this!!
you can do it! stay strong!
Good start...

Wasn't going to have breakfast as thought I would get up late but got up earlier than I thought I would.

B: toasted muffin, 10g spread, Marmite (195)

I have a PE lesson at Uni today but as it is aimed at teaching primary children, I'm sure it isn't going to be hugely energetic!

Not sure what to have for lunch - probably a wrap, which will be 270, and some crisps which will be 91.

Dinner is probably going to be sharing some nachos with my Mum but if I keep this lunch low then that should be fine. Plus I'll be doing quite a bit of walking today I think.

I am going on a school trip to the Eden Project tomorrow so should be doing lots of walking around there too.
Sounds like you had a fabulous time in Oz, it's definately a place on my to do list for the future probably when the kids leave home and they're only 2.5 and 4 lol. The 10lbs will be gone in no time. You were doing brilliantly last year and you know you can do it again :)

Hope you have a nice dinner with your mum :)
And I failed.....AGAIN!

I went back home. Mum got an Indian in, and I ate like a pig purely because at uni I don't have big, filling meals, and definitely not takeaways, and so it was a luxury.

The next day I did loads of walking, but Dad got in fish and chips. So I ended up on a complete chocolate/sweets binge - really bad.

I am so desperate to lose the rest of this weight, but uni is killing me. I got back yesterday with really good intentions but we ended up going out.

Today, I am confident I can have a good day, but then I remember that I am being taken for lunch tomorrow and going out tomorrow night for someone's birthday and I get really disheartened.

At home, as I stopped going out so much, I found the diet so much easier, but here at uni, the temptation of going out and drinking (I can't do it and not drink) is too much, and I never just stick to vodka either.

In a way, I can't wait for Summer when I'll be back home and working and not able to go out!

I guess the way I need to see it is that I can have a night out, as long as I am good for the day leading up to it, and the day after. At the moment, as soon as I realise I'm going out, I will ruin the rest of the day.

My confidence is going, and I need to sort this out now.

So, I can't be 100% all the time - I'm at uni and I think I would be asking too much of myself to try to do that. But, I am going to try my hardest to be 100% when I can, and then my nights out can be treats!
I know what uni is like for ruining a diet but mine is from stress or as a distraction from having to do work i dont want to do. Mines not even going out drinking, i get invited but dont go as im so self conscious of how i look, which makes me sad, which makes me eat. Its all such a viscous circle!
Just do the best you can x

Mine is both drinking, and just sometimes sitting in my room having a binge. I actually eat healthy meals as I don't want my flatmates to look at my meals and think "well that is why she is overweight"! But then I just eat extra in my room for the sake of it - not even hungry!

But I am going to be different now - I need to save money too - no more chocolate and biscuits!

I am about to go through my cupboards and plan my meals for the next few weeks - I hope it will help!
Thanks :)

B: none
L: ham and cream cheese wrap with loads of salad, beetroot, baked crisps and a low fat yoghurt (468)

Really pleased with today so far.

Am not really sure how many calories to aim for. Apparently by BMR is 1788, so I am aiming for around 1200 I think. I won't be annoyed if I go over 1500 though - I am being realistic due to being at uni.
You'll get back on track you've done it once, you can do it again :)

Today is sounding good :)

Keep at it and keep thinking of those nice summer dresses :)

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