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Saturday Night Movies


Just follow the plan
I like a glass of wine with olives, 7 olives are 1 syn. I also make syn free houmous and have it with sticks of celery, carrot and peppers.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
I'd like the recipe for the free pizza please.
I'm intrigued!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Taa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

firstly - let me just say i HATE smash! ...and i posted on here last week saying that my consultant said i could have free pizza!!! ... using SMASH as a base. well i love her to death now because she did it, i tried it out of politeness, expecting to gag when chewing and i eat me words - it was LOVELY!!! i swear to god you can't taste potato...not that SMASH tastes of potato anyway!!

it's free on a green day too - FREE PIZZA! this diet is going to be so much easier now that i can eat the forbidden!

  • 1 x bag of SMASH (apparently the cheaper the make the better, so will try it with smartprice instant mash soon)
  • tomato puree
  • any cheese(s) from health extras
  • oregano and basil
  • any toppings such as onion, mushroom, sweetcorn, even quorn fajita strips!
  1. pre-heat the oven and put a pizza tray in to warm up.
  2. put SMASH into a bowl and slowly add water - make it as thick as possible...could always add some herbs to the base or some garlic.
  3. take pizza tray out of oven and spray with fry-light.
  4. using your hands spread SMASH out onto the pizza tray, but don't press down too hard...make it about 3 or 4mm thick (any thicker and it won't taste nice)
  5. put in the oven for 7-10 minutes
  6. take out of oven, turn SMASH base over and put back in over for a further 7-10 minutes to crisp the other side.
  7. remove from oven and leave to cool slightly.
  8. bung all other ingrediants on and leave in the oven until cheese has melted.
  9. eat the whole bloody thing to yourself! :eatdrink012:
I've got a craving for some pizza so I was going to give the free one a go, however, I don't own a pizza tray. Do you think it would work on a normal baking tray? I'm going to buy a pizza tray when I get paid but at the mo I could do with an alternative, any ideas?


I ate my willpower!
I think not having a pizza tray will work but it just wont be quite as crispy.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
you could always start it off on the oven tray, then when it's stiff enough slide it onto the oven rack so it cooks both sides and goes crispy. i can't reiterate it enough when i say it has to go crispy or it will taste of potato!


Just follow the plan
do you have a recipe or a link to a recipe for the Syn free homus?
Blend some chckpeas, very low fat natural fromage frais, chopped spring onions, red pepper, seasoning, lemon juice and garlic and chill until ready to use.

Syn free on green

I dont use peppers or spring onions and it also works fine if you dont have fromage frais, just use water to loosen it up a bit.
Nightwolf - hummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. It is a popular food in various local forms throughout the Middle Eastern world (wikapedia)

sounds discusting but I love it because I really love garlic
Hey , Right i tried the free pizza receipe last night and it was lush !
i had tomato and garlic puree, mushrooms, red onion , red peppers , tomatoes , ham and cheese ! i wasnt sure whilst making it about the smash as a base but it was lovely! mod-karen79 u genious ! xx

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