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Saturday night takeaway binges, help needed :(

I've been doing slimming world a few weeks now and have the same problem each week. I'm good all week long but on Saturday night when I allow myself a few treats I go way overboard and it's affecting my losses. I can't seem to control myself once I 'let go' and have a couple of treats & it ends up being far more than just a couple....

I was wondering how other people cope with this? Also what people would recomend to buy in to fill me up and leave me feeling like I'm having a treat without me splurging and tripling my syns!!! I know about the Iceland Chicken Jalfrezi only being 3.5 syns and I have this sometimes but does anyone know if there are any other low syn supermarket takeaway style meals or sides I can get to vary things up a bit and is there any chocolatty type recipes I can make to give myself a sweet fix without all the syns? Any help would be appreciated, I think I'd go mad if I didn't have a little treat to look forward to on a Saturday but I need it to stop ruining my chances of a decent weight loss :(
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How about you make your own curry. It can take a little or as much time as you like, throw it together early on in the night and leave it simmering. Then when your craving get the better of you, it's there ready.
Mushy pea curry - everyone on here makes it. Sounds vile, tastes delish. Just search for the recipe.

For takeaway, my fav is chicken in black bean sauce with boiled rice - 5 syns.

For choccy treats try a box of Mikado sticks 0.5 syns per stick :D

The only other option is if you can't control the binging on Saturday, then you need to stick to the plan 7 days a week. I know if I drink, then I eat and I can't control it, so I rarely drink now.
I made chicken tikka kebabs last weekend and they were the nicest tea ever! They tasted just like the takeaway chicken. I used a WW wholemeal pitta from my HEXb and filled it with the chicken, fried mushrooms, onions and peppers and had slimming world chips and salad on the side. It was really filling and gorgeous. I just googled the recipe after seeing someone talking about it on Facebook.
As for chocolate, I can't stop either so I make sure I only have one bar in at a time. Good luck!
Thank you for your ideas. I have tried making a chicken curry but I've hated each one I've made (I've tried two diff ones) I used to use Jars of sauces pre slimming world and really enjoyed them back then but now I can't hit on a recipe I like... I will try the mushy pea curry as I've not had that one yet. I've tried freezing the curly wurlys but I still wolf them down really quickly then go for seconds and thirds. It's a shame as I love this diet but I think the WW one was better for me on the weekend as I had the 49 points I'd amassed during the week to use up so I felt more in control if that makes sense. I may try making a scan bran cake or something and see what that's like!
Try stirring a chocolate options in either % fat nat yogurt or fromage frais or even nat greek yogurt. A nice lot of choc taste. 2 syns for the options.

Mix a white option with a wee bit of water to make a paste then spread it over greaseproof paper and freeze. Break into pieces. Will melt quickly once out of the freezer but a quick chocolate fix.
I make sure I have as little syns through the day and then treat myself to a bar of galaxy silky smooth (6syns) and a cup of cadburys highlights hot chocolate (2syns) which is amazingly tasty for such little syns xx
Have you tired saving some of your syns to use at weekends? I don't know if it works but if you do have weekend munchies then it might help? Could you train yourself to eat like any other day? Or make a big portion of something low sun that you would enjoy? Hope it helps, I binge and find not having any junk helps the craving like you stop it before it starts x
Hi, there are many, many fake-away recipes about for you to find a treat and save it for Saturday night supper? We love chow mien or Singapore noodles. Kebab meat. SW chips. To be successful it's all about changing how you think and feel about food ;) so you have to re think what a treat is. I remember my nurse telling me a treat isn't a treat if its weekly lol.

So technically you could save and eat on a Saturday night, hifi rocky roads or similar x 2. 15 syns worth of choc/ sweets ( I eat fruit pastilles on Saturday 9 syns) and a fake away free meal for supper? I can honestly say I've never felt deprived at all, I've lost 6 st in 14 months and am a target member now. Or if you don't want to cook later make pasta salad, quiche, tortilla anything you fancy packet with veg to nibble at. The kebab meat is sooo easy to make and so tasty! Maybe change your treat ' thing' to a nice bubble bath/ shower gel, nail varnish, lippy etc? Another good tip that's helped me is, I've never said to myself or others " I can't eat that" I always say " I don't eat that" it's really empowering to know you're only putting healthy things in your body. And I still enjoy my pastilles and French fries :) good luck.

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