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Sauerkraut and Pickled Red Cabbage?


Dukan Ancestor!!
Double-check the sugar content and be aware that it's there... this goes for all pickles in vinegar, esp the ones called 'in sweet vinegar'....

However, most of the sugar is contained in the vinegar and drained off so I'm sure it's all perfectly fine!

Use of vinegar is encouraged by the Doctor D, but be sparing with Balsamico as that does really contain a fair amount of sugar/carbs (grape must)!

Now you've given me ideas, I'm going to have to have a picked gherkin before bed :D:D
Thanks for your help. Decided against ordering any as I had a feeling there would be too much salt in the sauerkraut and too much sugar in the pickled cabbage. Dont want to undo all the good I've done the past few days. Any idea how long ketosis takes on average(i know everyone is different) I did the Cambridge diet not so long ago and just to get into it in 3 days,but this has been 6 days now and no weird breath, funny mouth or pink on my ketostix. Could the sugar free jelly be stopping it? Thanks, Jill.


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I've eaten sugar free jelly all the way through, but not loads and Im in ketosis. Maybe it's because u have been in it before. It's apparently harder to get in to if you have been in before - well that's what I learnt on this forum lol. I'm sure it will happen soon x


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Jill,

don't worry about the keto - in Dukan it' only slight and may not necessarily be detectable - I don't think I ever had a metallic taste or bad breath! Stick to the rules and see the weight come off. Watch your salt in take but no need to cut it all out. I'm sure sauerkraut etc would be fine, after all gherkins an capers are even allowed as a condiment on PP days and they *are* salty.
Just be a bit more careful than you used to be....

If you're worried about getting it right, if you don't already, post your menus (with vague quantities helps) into the menu thread and the others may be able to see if there is something in there that's tripping you up. Not eating ENOUGH protein can be one factor for example.

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