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Saving a fortune!!


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This diet is saving me a fortune. If I go clothes shopping, I never try anything on, I buy an item that I 'think' will look lovely on me. Then I get home to try it on and I look like crap. And i never can be bothered to go back and try and find something else.

So now, when I got into town, I window shop to see what I would like to wear when im at target. Haven't been in evans' since I started!

Course I do wonder what people think of me browsing in miss selfridge.....but hey who cares!!

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I'm losing it big time !!
Haha, I do exactly the same. I'm always browsing round River Island,Miss Selfridge and the like when I'm in the Trafford Centre. I'd never go near them before I started this because I'd just get upset. I'm saving a fortune on food and drink as well, I used to spend more than 36 quid a week just on alcohol :eek:

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Its really funny to be able to shop in shops other than Evans and Elvi etc and I still have to tell myself than I have every right being in those shops as I'm now a size 14!! Although I still dont feel that comfortable yet and often wonder if people are thinking "whats she doing in here?" When will it sink in? XX
Totally agree with you there hun, we're saving a fortune, cos we're not doing any food shopping at all... And we've stopped going out for dinner and drinks every other night...

So we're putting the money aside to buy new clothes with when we're at our target weight - I'm looking forward to the shopping spree when I can avoid the likes of Evans :)
Im the same! I havent needed to buy any clothes since I started this diet because of the number of times I have gone shopping and bought things that dont fit me... so i now Im wearing them... but to be honest, Im kinda running out of those too..

Ive been window shopping so much and making a mental note of EVERYTHING i will buy when I lose weight :)


I will be skinny again!!!

I wont risk doing that because i will end up falling in love with it and having to buy it there and then and it wont fit me anymore once im done lol!!


I will be skinny again!!!
hehe, i would but we arent allowed magazines in work and at home i never seem to have a spare minute to read anything anymore...

I love reading books but havent started one in ages :(


Here we go again!
We're saving money too cos my hubby is doing the shopping whilst I'm at work and only picks up what is written on his list! It's great. No extras and certainly no more rubbish. I must have been spending so much on rubbish through the week. Just another benefit of LT.


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep we have that problem too, Picking up things we dont need just because it looks good.
I do it online now....I just couldn't cope with the bread smell!! :)


I will be skinny again!!!
lol i know the feeling, I take online delivery orders though over the telephone.. And reading some of the things people are ordering isnt helping this diet in the slightest lol!!


Here we go again!
If I do go shopping I also do it a lot quicker now. The fresh bread is hard but the cooked chicken section is really hard. Lately I've really been feeling tempted by smells of foods. Last night was quite hard. It's not that I wanted to eat, I think it was more a case of wanting some different tastes. Luckily hubby was really supportive and I didn't give in.

Like I said it wasn't wanting to eat just wanting a change I think. Ok again today but can't wait to have lost all this weight and get back to different tastes.
must say i saved nothing lol well i have but spent it elsewhere like car insurance, a little vacation, aftershave the like
must say i saved nothing lol well i have but spent it elsewhere like car insurance, a little vacation, aftershave the like
Well thats allowed! Least you can see what you have spent your money on, instead of watching it go down the loo! :D
Well thats allowed! Least you can see what you have spent your money on, instead of watching it go down the loo! :D
very true i guess lol
I still shop for the family and often buy them little treats!!! I also bake for them more so although I'm saving on all the chocolate I used to buy for me I'm feeding them up!!!!

I've loved the sales this year and picked up some real bargains. I was in New Look yesterday - and nowhere near their Inspire range which was the only range I used to fit into!!!! - and I found a black skirt in a size 10 and thought, it'll never fit me, I've never been a 12 and their sizes are so small that I still buy their t-shirts in a 14 or 16. However it was just £1 so I decided to try it on - it was a bit loose on me!!!! I could have cried with happiness - in fact the assistant was very sweet and let me gabble on about it! I bought the skirt!!!!!


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