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Saving Money on Lipotrim


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Hi Everyone,

This is my 4th week on LT and I've saved a fortune.

Our food bills are much lower (just £36/week for me) and we no longer buy wine etc. which is savng us a lot of money! No more snacks, readymade sandwiches, meals out or chocolate bars. I know that some people have to pay more than I do for my LT (partcularly in NI) which I think is very unfair.

I've also seen our food waste amost disappear - because we're buying just for my OH, we tend to do it more frequently so we're throwing hardly anything away (we had cut down anyway).

All this got me interested in how I'm going to manage things when back on real food and I decided to buy some herbs to grow. Not one to do anything by halves, I got a bit carried away and bought salad leaves, peppers and cucumbers as well (I should say that I hate gardening!).

All should be ready in about 6 weeks or so, just in time for me to eat them. I'm seriously considering plating carrots, potatoes and leeks - I think this diet has unhinged my brain!

I really like the idea of fresh food and I've always been put off by using salad things which have been in the fridge for more than a few hours.

So here's hoping I don't lose interest and stick with it.

Has anyone else started organising their lives differently or doing new things?

Please don't mention chickens because I might be tempted!!!
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I will be skinny again!!!
Lmao Isha!!

Well done for doing that!

I would love to do something like that but with a big greedy boxer he would probably eat them (except for tomatoes which he hates haha) or pee on them!

I would see how you get on with the others before getting carrots and potatoes!!

But not only will it all be nice and fresh but it will keep you occupied aswell!!

Well done xxx


A little of everything!
I'm using up all the ready-meals/processed foods in my freezer on my Hubby & kids! When I get to target I intend to do a big cook-off & freeze loads of portions for the freezer instead of buying cheap processed food full of cr*p? Of course I'll still have stuff like chicken & beef pasties for my Hubby, but I hate them so I won't be tempted!
I won't go the 'grow-my-own' route- I'm brown fingered so it'd be a waste of money!


A little of everything!
I would love to do something like that but with a big greedy boxer he would probably eat them (except for tomatoes which he hates haha) or pee on them!
LOL! I have one too- I never thought of that....euwww!!


I will be skinny again!!!
LOL! I have one too- I never thought of that....euwww!!
Lmao yup!! they dont care where they go they just go!!

And yeah your sooo right about the ready meals!

Whilst ive been eating, there was one night I was out until 8.30 and wouldnt have had time to go home and cook fresh so I bought a light choices ready meal.. And I felt HORRIBLE after eating it! I felt soo stodgy and unenergetic and it was awful!

Fresh is defo the way forward!


A little of everything!
They're full of additives & colourings and usually taste bleurgh!! Before TFR I used to make scrambled eggs or a veg/ham omelette if I want something handy, or stick a potato in the microwave & top with tuna & cottage cheese.


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Ah I'd love to grow my own stuff! It'd be great to have cucumber of my own but we don't have a garden. T.T

It's definitely not saving us any money sadly, we could feed the both of us for more than a week for £36. (Student life, you learn to budget!) Definitely worth the money though and hopefully it won't be for much longer!

Good to see you all getting rid of the ready meals! We've never liked them thankfully because we both enjoy cooking, they've always tasted so bland to me. It probably sounds terrible to you all but I'm not changing the way I eat at all after LT. ><


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That's something i'd like to do - i have even spoke to my bf about me getting an allotment - he thinks i am insane!!! lol Can't grow things in my garden cuz of my dog - bloody thing! lol

Let me know how you get on with it :) xxx
Amdefinately going to grow herbs in my big terracotta pots, but will have to forgo the salad and veg 'cos my cat will pee and poop on them! Since being with my OH (6 years) The only things in my freezer are meat, fish, peas, sweetcorn, home-made bread rolls and wholemeal pitta bread....nothing with e-numbers, artificial preservatives or flavourings, except for HIS Hagendaas or Ben & Jerry's !!!!!


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we had already cut down before I started LT my OH is type 2 diabetic and I was the one encouranging to have wine and sweet stuff. I know very naughty. anyway he was told that he would need insulin if he carried on so we have been buying healthy things in for a few months. Now I have been on this diet I wont return back to my old ways for both our sakes. He has lost 18 pounds so far. We are also saving money, as takeaways and alchol is out.


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Hmmmmm this has got me thinking .... would have to be grow bags though .... we don't have a garden at the back only a flagged area -otherwise known as the dog's toilet ... I don't think she'd bother with anything growing though. Hmmmmmmm ....

Re saving money ... We are too BUT no-one believes me! Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but I was telling a friend and she just laughed and said I couldn't be ... mind you that could be because she has about 5st to lose and reckons she couldn't afford this ..... xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
yes we're saving here too!

Have got our allotment all nicely stocked up again with lots of fruit and veggies, cannot wait to tuck in to them when they're/I'm ready!!


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Yup i too thought omg thats a heck of a lot of money each month but it came down to what mattered most - being skint for a few months or being healthy rest of my life? no brainer for me!

But as it works out i'm actually better off!! You dont actually realise how much you spend on food and junk each month untill you do something like this!


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