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Saving syns for the weekend?


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Hi Bananarama. Quite a few people on here (myself included) use a weekly syn allowance rather than a daily one - i.e. 105 a week.
It definately helps me, and hasn't hindered my losses at all but it's whatever works for you x

Mrs V

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I would suggest that you try it. You wont know if it works for you until you do Hun.
I cant save my syns for the weekend binge, I just gain anyway, but thats just the way it goes for me. If Im going to have a night off, then I make sure that I get back on track the following day to reduce the damage.

Good luck!



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I use my syns weekly and find this works better for me. I like to have extra treats at the weekend and I'm not bothered about not having syns in the week.


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Thanks guys, it's just that I ate really well last week,not going over syns at all and did quite a lot of walking, but drank on both Saturday and Sunday. I did lose a pound but I had been hoping for more! I suppose I didnt really save syns, I just went way over on booze....whoops! I'm definitely going to try to have three free days before the weekend then...thanks again!


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I think that completely syn free days are a bad idea and that you should always have at least 5 a day. Just my personal opinion though. I think if you deprive yourself too much then you're more likely to go overboard when the syns are suddenly re-introduced.


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I know what you mean Circes but I'd only be saving extra syns for a few drinks at the weekend. Since starting extra easy I really dont have cravings for rubbish and I have a curly wurly as a treat once a week, so I only tend to use my syns on things like tomoto Ketchup or teriyaki sauces anyway! I never ever drink during the week so I wonder is it ok for me to save. I guess its just trial and error, if I do save them and use them at the weekend and dont have a loss Tuesday I'll know why!


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I have to say i agree with Circes.

Stopping syns has never worked for me, but i tend to be okay if i only have 5 a day and save the rest.

I think it has to do with the fact that having no syns will not be sticking to plan, you may be consuming too few calories causing your body to store your food out of fear that it wont be getting enough to function, therefore when you finally do have your syns at the weekend (even if you dont go overboard) then your body will store that too causing a STS, gain or smaller than usual loss at WI.

You can only try hun and see if it works for you, but maybe try having half your syns and saving the other half.



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well from day one i would always have about 4-5 aday then on a weekend id have 60 or more and have been losing every week since i started 12 weeks ago.
for a coulple of weeks i thought id better cut down going over my syns on one day just in case it had reverse effects.....anyway to cut a long story short when i did this i lost less ...i then upped my syns and lost more the following week!!!

ive lost 3 stone 2lbs in 11-12 weeks its working for me but it dont work for everyone
Good post this is very helpfull as i have my birthday next week and was wondering how i would manage with my syns!

from what you lovely ladies are saying ,cutting down my syns for next friday SHOULD enable me to have treats on my birthday.

But untill i try i wont find out. going out for day so i know i will be a bit naughty, limiting damage would be a good idea.

good luck bananarama


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I'm using flexi syns this week as I'm having a weekend away and i don't want to be worrying about syns too much. Yesterday i had 3 syns and today i'm going to try not to have any so that tomorrow evening and saturday i can splurge a bit food wise. Don't get me wrong, i'm not going to be pigging out left right and centre, but if i'm hungry and really fancy something this weekend i intend on having it. (this is the first time i've been home in 6 months!! :eek:) I don't know whether its going to hinder any loss i may or may not have had this week but i have no intention of worrying too much about it. If next week I find it doesn't work for me then at least i'll know.


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Good point Rayven, ultimately these occasions do come up and a few times a year we all have to remember to just enjoy ourselves. As you said we dont have to go mad.

As important as the plan is to all of us we have to remember that these occasions are times to celebrate how well we have done and just enjoy the moment otherwise we will all be skinny malinis but might end up regretting the good times we've missed - afterall SW is one of the only plans which allow for you to have a good time - thats what flexi syns are for!!

I hope you all have a good time at your occasions! I too am having birthday drinks this weekend. Im just flexi syning it and have save about 5 syns a day (so have had 10)


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