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Saving up syns???


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SW do not recommend it but many people do it successfully. S o I suppose you just need to try and see if it works for you. The alternative is to flexi syn it - allow yourself a fixed amount of extra syns to see you through the evening and when you reach that limit stop synning. Then next day, back on the wagon without trying to cut back on syns to make up for it.


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Yeah I'm the same. Personally I enjoy a bottle of wine at the weekend. I generally just give myself 105 syns for the week and deduct them as I go along.
When I plan on having a drink on the weekend my c gives me a sheet of smiley faces on it which is a weeks worth of syns then I Mark off one face for one syn and then make sure that I stick to that number weekly. So typically I drink 60 syns ( bad I know lol) so then I have 45 left to share for the other days.

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SW regularly change their advice about this. I've always used them weekly and it works better that way for me. Try it and see.
It's interesting to see how others do the Syns, i have been told to flexisyn, but much prefer to level my syns out. I weigh on a weds so i tend to have around 3-8 until the weekend then drink in moderation but level them back out for the weigh in day, so far i have not gone over the weekly allowance. Surely flexisynning could allow you to go way over.
I always have my syns on a weekly basis as MiL comes every Saturday with wine & chocs:D I start each week with 105 & work down, apparently psychologically this works better than working up to 105 syns.

I woudn't flexi syn as this is something you will be doing each weekend. It's better to include the syns in your allowance.

Whereabouts in Preston are you, I'm in Higher Walton;)

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