Saving syns for booze!!

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Hey sw78,

Have you been measuring the wine exactly and staying within syns when drinking?
I no longer drink but the first time I did SW many moons ago I found that for me I needed to have 5-7 syns a day and could save the rest. Otherwise I just wasn't loosing. I had to use these for fats. I lost three stone in about 5 1/2 months this way and really found it help me.

Haven't quite got the balance right this time but I'm still battling post natal hormones.

But maybe try use a few syns during the week and see does it make a difference. And also ensuring you are measuring hexa/b throughout the week


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Yes I measured the wine and did have some syns during the week,but the wine kind of made it up so that I will have my full 15 a day if you get what I mean! I’m only little,with not a huge amount to lose,do you think I have been pushing it a bit??😂


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Weigh & measure everything that needs it - including wine. At this rate you'll lose 70lbs in a year - so that's worth having.

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