savoury drink on S/S?


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I know it has been asked before but is there a savoury drink you can have on S/S? ie something like hot marmite/bovril

Cambridge do a vegetable bouillon drink, you're not allowed more than two of these a day. I know some people use Marigold but I don't know the official line on this.
Hi my counsellor told me i can have unlimited amounts of the vegetable savoury drink but in reading the Carbs i know you cant makes me think about my counsellor though.
I'm disappointed about that as my counsellor told me 2-3 per day. I've been having 2 a day to help me through as I'm struggling, so I'll cut it back to 1 tomorrow but I will mention it to her.
Its 2 x 6g satchets on LL. That's about 2 x teaspoons I reckon. Its not exactly the same as the Marigold stock though, so I always fork out for the real thing...just in case!
My CDC said 2 teaspoons max, I'll have to check with her, thanks Linda. I only have one anyway, but it's good to know.