Savoury Recipes?????? Please!


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Hi all <waves>

I'm doing ok ( I think! ) on this diet so far - only been doing it a week, first weigh in tomorrow but my scales show about a 10lb loss already :eek: :D Finding it surprisingly not as hard as I anticipated...

I adore the shakes, and thanks to everyones recipes on here have discovered the delight of the muffins - fab with a cuppa... also made 'biscuits' and a bar of chocolate... loving these..

But as much as I like the sweet, I hate, loathe, detest, the savoury - they make me feel physically nauseous... :( I would dearly love to be able to take a break now and again from the sweet even just once a week would I think be realistic for my savoury tooth to go away...

I'm posting tonight asking for help because I couldn't face anymore shakes and weakened and opened a tin of baked beans... :eek: instead..

So, does anyone have any recipes or tricks to do with the savoury... willing to try anything to find just one that I can stomach... tried making veg crisps and thai chilli too but these were foul...

Many thanks!!!!

tinks xx

I make the crisps, they are fab once you get into the hang of making them.

Put a small amount of cold water into a bowl then add a savory pack and stir well with a metal spoon. Adding a drop more water if you need to. It should be a smooth paste.

Then put four tspoon dollops (spread out) on baking parchment (NOT GREASEPROOF PAPER) and spread thinly with the back of the spoon.

Microwave on full power for about 50 seconds. Then open the microwave door for about 5-10 seconds. Then microwave on full again for about 50 seconds although the times do vary on different microwaves.

I love them, quite often I sprinkle them with a tiny bit of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

have tried two things with the nut crunch bars as like you I am a bit fed up of the sickly sweet bars which leave a taste in my mouth worse than the ketones :(

The first is to just crumble one (or a half of one) up and pop it into a soup. It's a change and feels a bit croutony !

The second is to grill a bar being careful to watch it or it can burn and then add a dash of tabasco sauce to the top. Quite hot and yummy for a change.:D

However I am aware that I am desperate and will try anything so these may not be to everyone's taste :)

Hang on in there ! Melissa