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Saying good bye to the fat finally!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Deluxe1985, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    Hey all :wave_cry:

    Been on slimming world on and off the last few years and previously managed to lose 2 stone which I've kept off, but now I feel it's time to really push for target and actually hit it this time so just over a stone and a half to lose.

    Rejoined in Jan but with one thing and another I haven't pushed as hard as I should so thought I would set myself a diary up to keep me on track and really get to goal by the end of April!

    So as of tomorrow I will be logging all food and drinks along with exercise to keep me accountable,

    Looking forward to getting to know people and feel free to suggest any tips along the way!!!

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  3. tamkat

    tamkat Full Member

    Goodluck Em,Ive got bit more to lose than you but determined to go all the way to target this time! x
  4. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    Thanks Tamkat,

    So didn't quite get off according to plan as been super busy with work however had my weight in today and had a STS which is ok!

    Completely focused for the week ahead now, my down fall seems to be falling off on a weekend as am not organised like I am during the week and just tend to grab anything and prob don't Syn wine etc like I should anyway!

    March action plan

    * hoping to lose half a stone by the end of the month

    * increase gym visits from 2 session to 3 to 4 sessions

    * no alcohol for the month to see if this gives me the much needed boost!

    Hope everyone is well!
  5. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    So far so good, been shopping with my mum today and seen a few outfits I like been need to be about a stone lighter for them so that's mg goal to keep in might as I have a few hen dos and weddings this year.

    Had tea out today and had steamed fish and veg with sweet potato which was very nice.

    Back to the gym and running club tomorrow and ready to hit it hard this week to push me forward.xxx
  6. Deluxe1985

    Deluxe1985 Member

    Seem to be slowly getting into a routine with everything now

    Food for today has been as follows

    Breakfast: HEB Porridge made with water and blueberries

    Snack: cucumber and tomatoes

    Dinner: prawn salad and a satsuma

    Snack: small tub of raspberries, strawberries and grapes

    Tea; chicken, veg and sweet potato

    Going to have 2 ryvitas later which I will Syn with HEA cheese

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