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Hi everyone

I just want to introduce myself and say hello.

Firstly, a brief bit of background. This time last year I was 5 stone overweight and very unhappy :( I joined LighterLife and lost my weight and got to my set goal in the summer.

Since then I have had a very busy and changeable time and have put some back on (most of it in the run up to Xmas :eek:) and have decided to rejoin SW to get back to where I was.

I initially did SW about 2 years ago but struggled greatly because I didn't understand the programme fully, also because I don't eat much meat and struggled on red days and didn't seem to lose much on green days.

I decided to rejoin a few weeks ago and lost 5.5lbs in my first 2 weeks following EE. Unfortunately I've put 9lbs on over Xmas :eek: so I'm back on the wagon tomorrow.

I'll be coming on here a lot over the near future to try and get my head around things because I've read the book, know what's free and what the HEs are but I'm having trouble putting it all together into a workable plan!

Looking forward to getting to know you all :D
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Chicky Noops

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Good luck!


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Thank you guys for such a warm welcome.

It's a bit of a learning curve for me. I was just downstairs making something for dinner and I am aware of how much I rely on convenience food, especially when I come home from work and I'm tired. I think my downfall last time was because I struggled to find an alternative for those occassions which lead me to give up.

I've got the last 2 SW magazines, a food directory and of course all the resourses on here so hopefully I can find suitable alternatives for those difficult times :eek:


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Welcome to our happy band of SW followers. You will find friends and supports on this forum and you will only have to ask if you need help on I would say most subjects SW or not.

Good luck on your journey

Phil x


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Hi and welcome, I'm sure you will continue to do well on the extra easy plan. Now you're back on the wagon the weight you gained over Christmas should come off quickly. Good Luck. :)


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Hi there and welcome! Well done on your intial loss and you are not alone in the old xmas gain!! But 2010 is a new year and it will come off with a few more pounds!

Good luck x