Scales are giving me the hump...


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I know I shouldnt be weighing myself all the time (at least 3 times a day ;)) but I seem to get to Sunday after Wednesdays weigh in and stop losing weight!!

I was really hoping for a 4 or 5lb weight loss this week and as normal by Sunday had lost 3lb and today have still only lost 3lb. Its weigh in day tomorrow and I REALLY want to hit my 7 stone lost (which i have to lose at least 3lbs to reach)

The reason it is annoying me is because I am actually sticking to the diet andi thought if i did (i have been known to eat a little bit here and there :break_diet:) i would start to fly.

DAMN SCALES!!!! Its completely ridicuolus to way myself so much, but I cant help it. It helps me stay on track!!! (even if it does make me a bit moody lol)
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i have the same problem.

you must put them away - out of reach.

i was finding my whole day was being influenced by them and it was ridiculous!


You will lose weight if you are sticking to the plan!!!!
daisy x


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I know exactly how you feel!! I used to be on my scales all the time. Its why this time around I have asked my LLC not to tell me how much I weigh. I know how much I loose as this inspires me to continue.

I think you should give your scales to someone to keep them out of reach.

It's not doing you any good at the moment. You know that you are losing weight. I mean you can't not lose weight when you are only taking in 500 cals a week, right!?


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You WILL lose weight if you stick to all this. I mean, you're consuming a ridiculously low amount of calories per day, so low, in fact that sometimes your body may 'rebel' a little and cling on to water, and whatever it can find in a desperate attempt to keep you going longer. If we lay in bed all day - our resting calories, not to gain - is around 1100-1200. ... 500 per day, understandably, may induce some body mechanisms to happen... we are not machines, we do not lose X per hour, or Y per day.
Plus, personally, on a daily basis I can fluctuate as much as 3 lbs - yes. Just down to water, internal digestive 'waste' and gas build ups.

Patience is a virtue, if you don't hit a 'magical' number this week, you definitely will next week. Where are you in a rush to get to? You have the rest of your life to get all this right... and the sooner you stop getting emotional of 'just' a 'few' lbs loss, the sooner you will have grown up emotionally.
I mean, I used to get very upset with 'just' 1lbs loss every week... but then, I grew up. It's not all about what we lose. It's about learning to accept life's little failures, little jokes it plays on us. It's about taking it one day at a time... if something didn't go right today, then try again tomorrow. But never give up. Ever! You are deserving of your respect and your time. You are worth it!


So: Ditch the scales - they do more harm than good - especially while you're on LL!

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You can help it hon - put your scales away. ;)

It is happening - when in doubt, get the tape measurer out. Our body weight changes many times during the day....for true accuracy there is nothing but weighing the same time, each week. Or each day...certainly not 3 times a day! ;)

You know its working - you just got ito your size 16s, ay?

Patience - it IS working. :)



Put the scales away!!! Throw them in the bin, have someone put them in loft, whatever it takes to actually prevent you from using them!

I know everyone is different but I've never understood why people continually weigh themselves at home; so long as you stick to the plan, you will lose weight (you can't not) and wether or not the scales say you've lost/not lose Xlbs today is no indication of what they will show tomorrow, and everyone is heavier at the end of a day than when you wake up, so realistically you could 'lose' 4lbs overnight just from having used the loo and not consuming any water for 7-10 hours sleep, but then 'gain' 3 back by the end of the day just from drinking water/having packs but NONE of that is actual FAT, so weighing yourself so many a times a day is going to seriously mess with no only your head but your feeling about the plan and how you are doing on it as well.

1 weigh in per week, same time, same place. Anything else is detrimental to your state of mind I reckon.


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Hey you
Like you I am a bit of a scale botherer lol! well I tend to be hopping on and off around major milestones like going into a stone bracket/closing on a stones lost target. Rest of the time I am not too bothered and don't keep using them.

The only problem with weighing once a week at the same time is when that happens to be when you have miraculously gained 3lb through water by chance one week /stayed the same etc and it can be so demotivating for the following week.

For me it is about learning to manage my mood after stepping on the scales. I genuinely think I have cracked it as I think oh pants when I have not quite got where I want to be, but then push the thought away and replace it with things like ' I know it is water/totm etc. I know it is working look how well it has worked so far. I know it will show up in the next week/weeks'.

Maybe if you are finding that the fed up feelings are persisting/ putting a downer on your day you should test yourself and get rid of the scales for small periods, getting longer to 'wean' yourself off them a bit!

PS you will be at that 7 stone really soon honey. x


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thanks everyone xxx

peony - u always make me feel better!!! Im glad im not the only scale hopper out there!! i think i will stick to morning and evening daily weigh ins, and try to reduce it from there lol


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Mel, I was and still am too much of a scale hopper, and as everyone says, it is detrimental to your state of mind. It is easier for me when I am busier to avoid them, but on days off etc I am usually on there a few times a day. I did notice towards the later parat of my LL journey I would also loose weight for the first half of the week and not the second, perhaps different bodies just do different things? You are loosing, and I am maintaining (must remember this!!!) All is well with the world!

Hugs Hun



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Thanks Jez xxxx


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*hands up* I'm another scale hopper. Hubby hid them for a while and it was great, but I love weighing myself now lol. I love to see 11stone anything on there and find it helps me... however I have asked hubby to hide them again as I become obsessed with weighing near to my WI time, and I really do want to just weigh weekly when I am maintaining, so tonight my scales will be hiding!

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Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Thing is, scale hopping is OK, and really agood way to check yourself. But if it starts getting you freaked out and stressed out when it does not move, or moves inthe wrong direction, then it can be detrimental to your mental health. :D As long as you nderstand why it may mor may not move, then it can be a good tool.

Just try not to let it upset you, if you have to do it. :)