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Hi, jumped on the scales at the weekend, looked like i had lost 4lb:) i was happy with that because i still had 3 days to weigh in, feeling made up with myself i jumped on before, my weigh in is tommorow, im now only 2lb down:( how is this?:eek: its only the second week, feeling fed up know, dame them scales:eek: x
It's water, plain and simple Pebbles. And it's why sometimes scale-hopping is bad for you. Just keep your eyes on the prize, know you're losing and don't worry about the numbers xx
im drinking 4ltrs a day, your right im not going back on them scales just my cdc ones. post what i have lost tommorow, fingers crossed.
Hi Pebbles,
I try not to weigh myself at home - my scales are right sods and can vary half a stone in a day but in 3 weeks on LL I have lost 24 lbs!!!!
If i'd been doing this on my own and weighing on my scales I'd have given up by now!!!!
I've started looking at my measurements and the wonderful feeling of fitting into trousers that have spent 2 years lurking in the wardrobe and never been worn!!!!
I've said this a zillion times before, but I'll say it again. One of the keys to long term success on this diet (in my opinion) is DON'T WEIGH YOURSELF AT HOME. Don't weigh yourself at all preferably. Just get weighed once a week by someone else. The highs and lows just aren't worth it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. One eye on the ball and the other on the big picture and all that.
PLEASE, keep off your scales - give them to someone to look after, bury them in the garden ANYTHING - but keep off them.
Ann x

Listen to D_Q, SuzieB and Ann - they are talking sense! STAY OFF THE SCALES. Believe me you do not want to become obsessed with the scales as I am - it is not a pleasant place to be - there is nothing worse than having a sh!t day because the scales show a 0.1lb gain.
Guage your success by how you feel, look and your measurements - these are far more accurate indicators of true fat loss.
Honestly, don't go there,
I absolutely echo what Ann & AKB are saying. I almost chucked the diet in when, in week 3, my scales were saying I'd only lost 1lb.

But Ann came to my rescue with her advice about not weighing at home (thank you Ann :) ) so I loaned my scales to my sister: I'll get them back when I reach maintenance.

Low and behold, on my CDC's scales (the only ones that count) I'd lost 4lb that week so I almost gave up FOR NOTHING! :eek:

Trust the diet: It DOES work and it WILL work for you :)
Thank you all so much:) you are all keeping me going, i would be climing the walls if i couldn't air my worries. The nasty scales are going.:mad: feeling a lot more positive, what would i do with out you all.:D x

When you get to maintenance and forever onwards then keep an eye on the scales... You don't have to weigh every day like I do but once a week would be good... Half the people that gained lots of weight didn't realise how much as they'd stayed away from scales in self denial... When I get to where I want to be, (which is still a little way away) I will give myself a 4lb or 7lb margin and if I go over that it's time to reign in my eating a bit until I get back to where I'm happiest!

Love xxx
I would agree with Anja that it's important to weigh yourself when you are at goal, but only if no one else is doing it for you. Until then, it is banned, and serves no useful or helpful purpose whatsoever.
Ann x

Yep yep yep!!

My clients who achieve the best success upon reaching goal are the ones who remain vigilant - weigh in once a week, rein themselves in when the lbs start to creep back up. I keep in touch with many of them, and they say knowing they're gonna be talking to me makes them pay attention to how they are going - I'm the little voice on their shoulder! ;)
I echo the don't weigh yourself at home thing but having said that my mum benefits from doing this. If you suffer then don't do it :)
Pebbles, try chicken on a missions way of doing it...

Click on your ticker to take you to the site to update your weightloss.

Do that and then copy the 'bbcode'.

Go to the 'user CP' bit in the blue task bar on the minimins site and then select the option to change your signature.

Click on the ticker bit of your signature which should put 4 little sqaures in each corner of it then hit delete on your keyboard.

Then click your right mouse button where the ticker was and selcet paste to paste in the bb code.

You can then use the 'preview' box to make sure it worked and then submit.
Hopefully you will manage alright, but let one of us know if it doesn't.

Love Mini xxx
Mini it will not let me do it, trust me? i will ask a friend to have a go, someone who knows what there doing on the computer. Thanks anyway, hopefully in a couple of days i will have one?????