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we really shouldn't weigh ourselves at home i do it and i know it wrong to do so but i think a lot of us do we just cant wait till out weigh ins good luck and your not the only one who is doing it


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It depends! When it shows a loss it gives you a boost but when it sts or goes up you feel s**t! I don't weigh because the days when it is mean to me make me want to quit and eat KFC :)
Most people agree once a week is better :)


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Don't worry Suzie there's lots of scale addicts here and plenty of posts about it lol. I think if you weigh at the same time each day it's harmless. You just have to be aware that it will fluctuate naturally, but at least you can spot that and the next time you weigh you know it could be different again. If you sts or gain don't give up as if you've been 100% you know that when it comes to the weekly 'confession' here you will have lost.
The only reason I haven't weighed today is because I couldn't stand up straight after my early morning illness lol


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hi suzie i weigh once a day every morning it gives me a boost that im doin well . so do what is best for you hunx
ok, well, that all makes me feel so much better.
1st day on exante and I had a good weight loss, and it was a busy day, so I was sort of distracted, you know what I mean? I stuck to my guns even though I fell blergh!

Second day, not so busy, pretty intense to tick to diet, but felt mush better and thought I was settling into this.....and I haven't lost a thing.

Anyway, I have picked myself up, stuck to my shakes (vanilla, yum , chocolate, ok. Strawberry a bit of a trial....) and now I am off to the gym!

I am sure I'll loose SOMETHING by tomorrow - even if it's just my temper!
don't wori about it hun a lot of people are scaleaholics includng me...i tend to step on it in the morning to see how i am getting along...but shudnt always be down as later on in the week it could give a bigger boost then whaat you have been seeing like it did to me this week


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I plead the fifth!lol