Scan bran challenge anyone had success?


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Not tried it myself yet..... but make sure that you have plenty of :sign0131: !!! And be ready for plenty of :sick0019: !!!! Make sure that you drink PLENTY of water too!!!!!

My consultant gave out 4 packs of scan/oat bran last week, on the condition that those that accepted them made something for the group to try this week.....

Not sure if I'm curious, or just apprehensive!!! :eek:


Now to maintain.....
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not done the official scan bran challenge as such.
but on weeks where ive had scan bran several times i do seem to do well!
im going to be trying to have it at least 4 days this week myself.
i find you need to drink lots for it to work properly though.


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What is the scan bran challenge?

Any recipe ideas? I might try it this week


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i did scan bran for a week i lost 1 and a half and i did have a night out at the weekend but was 100 % for rest of week so dont think it was worth it lol


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Ive done it several times. Its pulled some good losses. I had 5 for lunch as a hex B every day for a week, usually with either laughing cow superlight and tomatoes or beetroot, and ham. If I could do it by making ferrero rochers that would be far more pleasant an experience but the syns would be too high :D


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I did part of the challenge last week, I didnt have them as HEB choices but I did eat at least 2 pieces of it everyday, broken up into a mullerlight yogurt. And one day I did have 5 as HEB.
It helped me lose abit more than usual, usually my losses are 0.5lbs to 1lbs a week and I lost 3lbs.

Be sure to drink plenty of water though if you do it & have a good supply of loo roll in haha! xxx


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What is scan bran? And where can u get it? Is it like ryvita?

Also, what's the challenge?


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I fancy trying this, but just out of interest, if your hex are all the same amount of fibre etc, why would having scan bran make a difference to say having 2 ww bread a day? xx


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Wow thats great. Does she eat the 5 a day for 5 days. Im 2.5 lbs from target i cant seem to get rid of last few lbs


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Does it work if u already eats loads of fibre and drink loads of water?

I already drink 3 litres a day and I also add benefibre to my water or meals to increase my fibre intake


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audfen said:
Does eating a lot of fibre help with going to toilet??