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Scan Bran


Slow but sure....
I am new to SW and these Forums too, and I would like to know if I can buy Scan Bran anywhere, I am also doing SW on my own at home.
Hi Donnie
Welcome. ! ! !
Have you only joined today.?
Im trying Extra Easy for my first week, and I started on Monday and have 2 lbs off..... not bad....
Will maybe try a Green week next week....


Slow but sure....
Yes I started SW this morning, I bought all the lastest books off Ebay.....so I can do the diet at home, I did a Green Day today and so far so good, I am trying a red day tomorrow as I am having Turkey rashers and eggs for breakfast, so that should be a Free meal on red..
Yes I got all my books etc from Ebay also.. I cant afford to join a group so thought I would try this myself... and see how I get on.
Its great to know this forum is here with so many freindly people...


Slow but sure....
I could'nt afford to go to classes either, plus I live in a small village on the East coast and the nearest class was is 10 miles away, so its a DIY SW at home for me.


Starting Again!
Quoted from the SW Website
Q: What is Scan Bran and where can I buy it?
A: Scan Bran is Slimming World's abbreviation for the high fibre Bran Crispbread by G G Scandinavian, which is available to buy from your group Consultant, also from all good health food shops, such as Holland & Barrett.
Vit Shop This is only site I've been able to find that sell it, currently 90p for 100g - not sure about P&P though


Starting Again!
Oh and welcome! How rude of me! I'm doing SW for the 5th time except this time I'm trying to go it alone! Everyone I've met here is absolutely lovely, all an inspiration and very positive - stick with us!


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Hello, you can buy scan bran in Holland and Barret and lots of other health food shops, I think Waitrose sell it too if you have one near you.
There are recipes for scan bran cakes in the recipe section and you can eat them as crispbread. I have a piece of scan bran cake most days - keeps me from the biscuits.
They're a bit strange when you first try them but I really like them now.
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Welcome to SW and mims!

Personally, I think scanbran is the devils food! They taste like cardboard and are exactly the kind of food that gives dieting a bad name!
I would much rather get extra fibre through fresh veg and fruit.

The beauty of SW is all the lovely varied free foods you can eat in abundance- I don't see the point in eating unpleasant things!

I know some people like them though, so it is personal choice

I have only recently discovered Scan Bran. I've never tried eating it as it comes, but I've made it into carrot cake and chocolate cake. Not quite like the real thing, but good for a sweet tooth like mine!


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I wouldn't bother, unless you like eating loft insulation :p they are expensive and taste disgusting! The only place I've seen them is Waitrose (apart from class) Eating should be a pleasure! I stick to ryvita, much cheaper and palatable!


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I'm another one that likes scan bran!
Yes they have a bad reputation and I know most people pull a funny face when you mention them but its just a matter of taste!!
Being high in fibre, they really do 'the trick' if you know what I mean and people seem to have very good losses at class when they have included them in their diets.
I'd say even if you aren't that fond on scan bran, its worth a teeny bit of suffering for a great loss!!! lol ;)


Slow but sure....
Thank you all for your input on Scan Bran, Squiddie thank you I will check that web site out, I do quite fancy making the carrot cake, so if anyone could give me the recipe with the Syns value I would be very grateful...many thanks to all, X


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Scan Bran is definitely an acquired taste. Great for the recipes, like cakes and ferrero rocher, but on it's own it is a bit like eating squares of dry turf. Saying that, I have now grown to quite enjoy them as a snack - I have two (that's really all you can eat in one sitting!) with my HexA of cheddar cheese. It's really good for keeping everything "moving along nicely" if you know what I mean... :eek:


Slow but sure....
Well I ordered some Scan Bran from the web site Squiddie gave me.....so I wait to see what they taste like, nectar or shoe leather, LOL....thanks for your help everyone,

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