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scan brans???

People at my group say they definitely need something to go on it! Personally I dont fancy them but they are supposed to be fantastic for weight loss
i've had them in my porridge for brekkie....with a sliced up banana too.....i think it depends on whether you like the taste of bran or not.....i quite like sultana bran so i don't mind it in my porridge....

I keep thinking about making some of the cake recipes that are arou nd but haven't got round to it yet....

they're not too expensive so give them a try.....I don't think i could eat them on there own or with savoury topping on though (like ryvita)....


Is so very nearly there!
Iv just tried em and they really aint that bad! Need a drink but make the ferrero rocher recipe with nutella - all good imo! x


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I usually have mine as a kinda porrige - bit of water, bit of milk from HexA Nuke in Microwave add chopped Banana. Love it like that! Five Scan brans is a lot of porrigey stuff, so I use 2 or three and have the others for supper or a snack.
Have also had them with just a skim of marmite - bit like twiglets!! Or Half fat cream cheese. And used them as breadcrumbs on SW Scotch Eggs (nom nom nom)
They are VERY filling - if you eat dry they seem to swell in your tummy and keep you full a long time.
Also keep things moving along nicely ;)
i have just ate some! i usually have sliced banana on them topped with canderel and cinnamon
mmm! or i have a bit of cottage cheese across them..
i just ate them with muller light spreaded across them

i tried a scan bran cake, was okay, i spreaded nutella across it which made it YUM! had to syn all that though

it definitely helps weight loss i think


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They are not too bad once you get used to them, they are a speed food & for the last two weeks I have been making a concerted effort to eat at least one portion of them each day & 3 out of the 7 days I have them as both my healthy extras, last week I lost 3 and I didn't do anything different apart from add the scan bran in, I used to think they were like chewing on a piece of chipboard:p but I have got used to them now - the scotch eggs made with them are really nice.


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They look like MDF and are about as tasty! They're full of fibre though, and low carb. I sometimes have them crumbled on a salad to get a bit of crunch. The ferrero rocher things are lovely, you'd never guess it was scan bran.
I have also 'wondered' about buying these too. Might give them a try and buy some at group this week x
Oooh, I think I'll get some at next class. :)
Hubby says MDF looks MUCH nicer!!! Seriously though, you DO get used to it, and it DOES help weight loss - definitely worth trying, some very good ideas above.

Have you all seen the recipes on the "SCAN BRAN RECIPES ANYONE?"
thread, on the SW Recipes section?

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