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  1. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member

    Well tomorrow is going to be my 4th restart on Cambridge. I know I need to lose weigh, I want fast results and I'm so very uncomfortable in this heat being this size but I am absolutely petrified of starting back tomorrow.

    I'm a self confessed comfort eater and feel that taking my crutch away tomorrow will leave me feeling quite empty. That sounds stupid doesn't it, but I'm not looking foward to not eating or drinking what I feel like anymore.

    Has anyone else felt so damn right aprehensive about this diet? Today I've been cramming anything and everything in my mouth possible to try and make up for not eating from tomorrow, which is bad. I've also put restarting off for a while, always calculating some excuse or another but I'm so desperate to restart.

    I'm also seeing my CDC again Thursday, soo will have a chat about this with her. Hopefully I'll be on day 2 by then!

    This all sounds contradictory I know but I'm just scared! Heeelp!

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  3. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    only 4th retry .............. youngester i am on my 44th restart !! you can do this is for you ............ you know this is for a short period in your life compared to how long we live .............there are NO excuses .........................cos i have heard them all !!!!!!
  4. Taronga Leela

    Taronga Leela Full Member

    Youngster!!! Hahahahaha thank you! I'm far from young though sadly but that made my day!

    Yup, I know its for a very short time but I dunno it just feel silly whay I'm scared. Food isn't my friend, I abuse it which has led me to be this size in the first place.

    Thanks :)
  5. mustdoit

    mustdoit susan

    food isn't my friend either half the time i don't taste what i eat !! its a knee jerk reaction to life ............. why can some people stick to it and others ....... well we have to believe in ourselves ....... do you start tomorrow ? xx
  6. Tarragon

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    Good luck on your restart! It might be easier if you ease into the diet by building up the shakes and cutting down the carbs. I know when I've restarted in the past I've binged on carbs and then given up by day 4. This time I had my last carb heavy meal a few days before and gradually cut them out of my diet. I've avoided the headaches and general unwell feeling I usually get and have managed 12 days without a cheat. I'm sure this is down to me easing in rather than binging.:):):)

    Good Luck with the diet. :)
  7. s_786

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    hey hun, u r so not the only one...
    I was doing so well, working out, diet, had to stop for two exams n now cant get back into my regime, its like head is all over the place. :break_diet:
    I am eating little and healthy but so scared to start CD. I so need to loose two stones before my holiday in Aug...
    looks like I am gona have to really have a talk to myself and bring my brain inline...goodluck and let us know how u get on xxx
  8. ditzeeblonde

    ditzeeblonde Call me Linzi...

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    Oh my life!!

    I could have written that! Well apart from the cd diet but I have tried to start on a vlcd but have fallen off with a bumpety bump again after a measly 7 days (which I didn't follow 100%)

    I am so annoyed with myself I've been eating things that I am disgusted about, forcing myself to eat things just b'coz I know I'll be starting again & 'missing out'!!!!

    I am annoyed with the fact that I can't get my focus, my want or my drive to do this... I do want it as I don't want to be like this forever but nothing seems to drive me enough to do it for any length of time!

    If anyone happens to stumble upon my mojo could they send it back to me ASAP!

    Thanks. xx
  9. abz

    abz Gold Member

    will send it by express post linzi!!

    good luck guys. you can do it :D i am only on day four and would gladly sell my soul for a plate of calorie free donuts!!

    abz xx
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