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Scared about weigh in tomorrow

Hi Everyone. Last week at weigh in I was shocked to see that I had lost the square root of nothing. I have stuck to LL 100%, and to be honest I burst out in tears. Now i'm due to be weighed again tomorrow and guess what my TOTM started yesterday, and its a heavy one. Im bloated and puffy and I could cry as it means Im not going to loose again. My patner isn't understanding and says get on with it and stop being stupid. But you all know just how hard this diet is I so desperately want to see a result. Its only my 6th week in to LL.:cry::cry:
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Awww hun, men are so incensitive.....!
You never know you may still have a good loss. Dont worry as it will make you feel like eating. If the scales dont move though you have got a genuine reason so dont be down hearted and Im sure you will get a super result next weigh in.
I'm sure hormones make a difference. Like you I've stuck to LL religiously and some weeks ahev only lost a pound and did cry one week (VERY out of character for me)...so from personal experience this is what I've learned about what felt like crappy losses (but works out as 3.8 ibs average me thinks!);
1) it could be hormes & will catch up!
2) Are you drinking enough water - in hot sweaty weather you need to drink more but dont overdo it!
3) Have you measured yourself? One week I lost 1 ib in weight but lost 3 inches in measurements! NOw how do you reason that eh!!
4) Muscle weighs more than fat so you may have put on muscle which is great cos it burns cals at rest, unlike fat!
5) This process is not jst about weight but about taking control of your eating and that means coping with WHATEVER life throws at you (including bad weight oss weeks :)) and doing that is a huge achievement in itself!
6) People do loose different amounts - while gutting that those around you may have lost more (I know how that feels!!) you may have lost more inches! So remember this is your journey
7) If you havent cheated you've achieved a huge amount already so be proud of yourself!
8) It may be your chatterbox trying to get you to eat so tell it to f-off!

Not sure if that helps? Hope it does! Bg hugs for you & hang in there! It IS worth it! For me getting from a size 22/24 to 16 in less than three months was the best feeling EVER & made the agony worth it!
Just hang in there,it is worth it & if you need proof have a look at my gallery photos! What seem like piddly losses do add up! and while "I could do that on weight watchers" I never did, despite years of trying! Also forgot the one thing that has got me thorugh is take it a day at a time! Get through each day & dont worry about the rest of the journey. How you feeling today?

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