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Scared and need help...

I had my week 6 way in the other day and only lost 1 and half pounds (2 and half the week before). CDC has suggested I go onto 810 plan this week but I am so scared that (a) it will slow down my loss further (b) just scared of having "food" albeit restricted food.

Has anyone moved to 810 after only a few weeks on SS, or just tried it for a week and then gone back to SS? Worried I will ruin all my hard work? I know I am stupid as I have read post where everyone has gone up a plan and the weight still comes off but I guess I just needs some assurance....? I'm being pathetic I know!
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My sympathies are with you Kira - it's going to be a long time before I have to think about moving up the plans but I know I am going to worry about it when the time comes.
I'm sorry I can't help but I am sure someone will come along soon who has experience of this and can help you.
Good luck.
If its any help (?) ive been ss+ since May on and off meaning i have food every other day'ish some days im happy ss'ing whilst other days i fancy food..and my losses have been 3 pounds a week on average which im more than happy with...ive never been a constant 4/5 pound a week'er lol my body just dont work that way :D

Think about maybe trying ss+? before 810? but 810 is still a VERY low cal diet so you will lose :)

Im in such a happy state of mind doing CD and dont ever ...ever feel deprived..it works for me!
Thanks Alex, MrsEssex for posting. I know it makes sense to go up plan also because my BMI must be 25 now. I am 5ft 2 and weigh
9st 8 (this morning). So I guess that is why she also suggested that I move to 810. Will give a go and see how I do.


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Agree with others. You have done so very well on SS that stepping up seems scary, but it's a part of the journey and can be just as successful - it's about attitude. If you stick to it as well as you did to SS you will be at goal in no time.

As for 'small' loss this week... this happens now & again & I think it can be your body catching up with itself. It may also mean your metabolism is a bit slowed down & so 810 could be the perfect thing to kickstart it again. And of course if you are now BMI 25 (YAY!!!) you NEED to switch up to avoid damaging your body. You can do this Kira, don't be scared, learning to put food back into the picture is one of the most important lessons we learn on CD. Go for it!

Hi Katy I know you are all right. I have to learn how to deal with food and I know I can't avoid it forever. It just seem so daunting when I still have about a stone and a half to go. Hope you are doing well and managing whilst away from home.
Hey Kira

If it helps I moved up the plans when I was nearly 2st from my goal weight and continued to lose not only on 810 but also on 1000 and 1200. I know how daunting it can be but it is one of the most important steps in learning how to maintain your weight long term. You have done brilliantly at SS, take that with you as you work through the plans and onwards to goal.

Don't worry Kira, 810 is still low, low calorie so you should still lose. I wonder whether your CDC is trying to give your metabolism a bit of a shock to boost loss a bit? I've seen people mention that on here a bit.

What exercise are you doing at the moment? Maybe introduce a bit extra once you are on 810, you should be able to cope due to the extra calorie intake?


Stubborn tortoise
Like Porgeous, I lost the last 2 stone on 810... it's a great plan, promise!


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