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scared i won't lose anything

I know its silly but I'm really worried I won't lose anything, i'm only on 3rd shake. I had one last night and 2 today.

I was really good last week before I started and I gained a lb. I was gutted.

I have been told I have pcos (not that i notice other than extra facial hair) and normally I lose weight ok. but i'm just worried this time.

has anyone else had this worry?
do you know of anyone who hasn't lost weight in there first week?

thank you
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Big H

Silver Member
Which diet are you doing? If you are doing Sole Source it is impossible not to lose weight!!! If you are doing 1000 cals it is extremely unlikely that you won't lose. At the end of the day what's the point of worrying about it. Just do your best, you can't do any more than that! So long as you stick to the diet you have done everything you can, and I am 99% certain you will lose weight and lots of it !! :)


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You'll lose weight hun, so stop worrying. People do get varying results in week one though, so it's best to prepare yourself to lose anything from four to nine pounds (that's me guessing from your start weight). If you've come straight from another diet plan to Cambridge without taking a break, your first week loss might not be as high as some you'll see here because you'll have already have lost lots of the water weight that people generally lose in their first week.

But whatever the scales say next week, you will lose fat (it's impossible not to on SS!!) and if you keep going, your weight will decrease far more quickly than you could ever have imagined!

Keep the faith! :)


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Hullo there, I totally understand the fear...especically with PCOS as so many people tell you how difficult it is to lose weight. I'm no clinician, but from friends I have observed with PCOS, diets that induce ketosis really do work almost as well as for those without the condition - and hey - I have had about 8 or 9 stay the same weeks over several months of SSing and I lose weight like billy-o - the fact is regardless of whether the scales are moving, your body is still using your fat for fuel so something is happening and quicker than it will on any other diet. So back to people I know with PCOS - some have done Atkins/low carb with a degree of success and one friend did CD for a few months and went from obese to a tiny little minx of a girl with no hassles. I know that's not clinical proof, but it's a good sign, no?
Hey Hun, I'm a PCOS Sole Source girl and I struggle losing weight on anything else but this.

Yeah it's blooming hard but seeing the loses really keep me going and I love it!

Good luck hunny, your in the right place x


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i also have PCOS and unfortunately i cant use the usual treatment (metformin) as i react badly to it, but even with no treatment i still lose good weight losses on cd.
if i do sw or ww etc i lose weight so slowly it would take me til my pension to get to goal, but with cd i will be who i want to be well before christmas and i have a lot to lose.


please try again
im also a sole sourcer with pcos

i did slimming world green days to the letter and gained 6lb but with cambridge ive had great losses


please try again
I find it annoying that people don't understand PCOS and act like were making the weight problem or loosing the weight as an excuse :( x
ive had that from old school gp's in the past. they had me keep a food/exercise diary for a month using diet sheets given by a dietitian, i followed it to the letter, went back and had lost 4lb and got a right lecture about lying and trying to decieve them and that i should have lost a stone and a half in that time. went home crying and never asked them for help again, moved gp's a few months later
oh hun docs are terriable. mine was more intreseted in giving me tablets than finding the problem. turns out my muscle pains and tiredness where caused my dehydration but docs never once asked how much i drank just gave me tabs that made me sleep and didn't cure the pain

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