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scared myself tonight

desided tonight to have my last shake later .at 8 oclck my stepdaughter txt to be collected from college so with dog on lead i run to the college and marched home . i then went straight to the end of garden to sort other animals but wen i got there i had to txt my hubby to come down to the shed as i couldnt move , the shed was spinning and everytime i went to move i nearly fell over after sitting down for a bit it cleared but never had this before but it did scare me . does anyone no why this happened . so didnt have last milkshake at 930.????
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prob because you were doin too much too fast and hadnt drank enough water i had an episode like dat at the start a few actually especially if i got anyway hot. I wudnt worry just make sure to be aware of wat you are doin and how you feel. your body hasnt adjusted to 425 calories yet so you are bound to feel like dat sometimes. water helps with the dizzyness.

Hope you feel better an arent too shaken up.
Yes , i got a few moments like this in the first couple of weeks last time, and had one again yesterday... It is because you are running on empty.
It is recommeneded you dont do vigourous excersize in the first few weeks until you adjust, id say the running did it, you just burnt too many calories and you didnt have enough fuel!!
Make sure you drink loads of water and take it easy for the next week.. dont leave too long inbetween shakes... I have mine at 10am... 4pm and 7-8pm and find this helps x
You must ALWAYS have ALL your shakes each day. The calories are at a level that just keeps you out of starvation mode. If you don't have them all then your body will react and you will stop losing weight besides not being able to function properly. You must have overstretched your calories for the day so thats why you felt weak and ill. Don't give up x
i do have all my shakes . and i try to drink about 4 ltrs of water a day that with out teas and shakes .but it realy hard cos with every other diet you are told that to lose weight you must exercise but on this you are not meant to . but wot i think now is looking bk i had a very busy day yesterday more so than any other day and it was just to much . must remember this . also i realy didnt relize that the calorie level was so low on these shakes . derrr dum me lol


A little of everything!
If I know I'm going to be busy on a particular day I split some of my shakes so I don't go too long without any nutrition. I find if I goo too long without 'food' I am prone to dizzy spells- especially if I'm running abround like a mad thing (which is most days! LOL!)
dats good Hun! some days especially at the start i felt like **** like my energy levels were on empty i was always dizzy its just ur body adjusting and you can start doin exercise wen you feel more normal haha as in more like yourself of course intense cardio is not allowed because it burns to much calories. But exercise is helpful on this diet just dont push yourself always listen to your body it will tell you wen your close to breaking.

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