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Scared/stressed so much on my mind

big bear

A bear on a mission!
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Ok I'm 34 wks & I've so much to do. The thing is I'm so tired/no energy & have no motivation to do it.

These are the things I need to do:

Pack hospital bag but there r still things I need to get

Get the carry cot/moses basket down from the loft

My 19mth old is still in our room, I've been saying 4 mths we need him moved as don't want him to feel pushed out. I can't do it myself as his room needs sorting as it became a dumping ground for clean clothes etc etc this is really stressing me out

The flat is a sh*t hole & needs a bloody good clean but I just about manage to clean the kitchen. I'm too embarassed to get a cleaner..

Other things need doing in the flat like the floor in the hall laid got the stuff just not been done. The ball cock in the loo needs fixing got a screw driver in it to stop the leaking. I also need a cat flap put in got it but still not put in. Also we need door handles put on 3 of the doors.

I think its this thats really getting me down, looking as this mess every day.

Also scared about the labour as last time I had to have waters broken in hospital & had epidural as ds was 10lb 4ozs, I'm worried if I go into labour at home as don't no what to expect.
H works nites & is crap at diy so have someone coming wed so hopefully if not too expensive can get jobs done.

Sorry for long post but needed to get it off my chest. Its so hard with a toddler, I really admire those that do it with 2 or more kids x
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Am so sorry you're feeling stressed out over your home. Do you not have any family close by or a few good friends to help with some of the clearing up? Possibly someone who may be able to do some of the more basic DIY jobs too? Just to save on paying someone to do everything.

Or try and get H to maybe start on the clearing up / cleaning on his days off?

I'm writing a long list today of everything that needs doing around the house and planning to put it up somewhere as a constant reminder to DH and me of what needs doing and hopefully every weekend we can get something ticked off it.

Or if you do find a bit of time and energy, just start with one room, the one you think is the most important (your son's new room by the sounds of things), and make a start. Half an hour a day if you can, you'll soon find you get through it. I find tidying addictive. It's hard to get started but once I do I want to keep going until I'm finished (maybe I'm just strange!).

I can't say much on the labour though, but the only thing I could suggest there is if you're scared, talk to your MW and air your worries with her. Best person to get advice from I would imagine.

Hope you get to relax a bit soon x


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If you can afford the cleaner then get one! They would have seen a lot lot worse than your home! I'm sure of it!

Try tackling a room at a time, or a task at a time maybe? Family and hubby to do things around the house for you? Pack some ironing and stuff like that off to them to do it?

Just try to do one thing at a time, not to look at the overall picture of what needs doing and this is making you stressed x

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks girls. I've no family here just in laws. My mil is useless she'd rather sit on ebay buying girls baby clothes even though we don't even no we're having a girl yet. She just stresses me out even more!
My friends work full time & have toddlers too. I'm getting a handyman in to do the floor & jobs in house. H works nites & on days off does overtime for extra money.
We're gonna sort ds room on mon as at in laws 2moro. I'm gonna then try slowly to do room by room. To be fair the front room only has toys everywhere so getting store boxes to put them away or they can go in his room.

Just needed to get it off my chest feel a little better now hope by next sat all will be done x

sukie sue

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ah bless you big bear.
seriously if you can , get a cleaner , i have a lovely lady comes 4 hours a week as its a big old house but even someone a couple of hours a week will make it all seem much more manageble when someone just gets on top of things for you , im always pathetically gratefull to fiona and not embarrased to show it ;)
give yourself permission to be tired and just do what you can when you have a moment of energy ... other than that focus on you and feeling good and eventually things will fall into place (lol spoken like a woman whos hubby is away 6 months of the year ... im used to waiting :0))
hope youre feeling better hun , and if all else fails rant away here xxx

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